Zhengzhou, Henan, Chinese-style decoration residence, focusing on the comfort of life

Located in Zhengzhou, a city with outstanding people, it integrates modern aesthetics to create traditional home furnishing. Mahogany decoration truly embodies the classical charm of Chinese-style residences. To create a natural and relaxed style, the overall space design method of Chinese-style decoration is relaxed.

Decoration effect drawing of villa living room in Chinese style
The hanging picture decoration in the Chinese-style home decoration in the living room shows a strong traditional meaning. It shines like a glittering picture against the backdrop of mahogany furniture. The Chinese-style design and decoration layout inherits and integrates traditional culture.
Villa restaurant Chinese style decoration renderings
The restaurant is simple in Chinese style, and the Chinese classical decoration has no exaggerated ornate style. It is filled with warm natural colors. The combination of lamps, hanging chairs shows infinite traditional charm, and wood carving elements are also in the details.
Chinese style decoration renderings of villa warm pavilion
The overall mahogany layout of the warm pavilion decoration will vividly display the overall style. The combined design of lamps, hanging chairs is more antique, the interior layout is simple and elegant, and the setting of the leisure area reflects a sense of hierarchy. The deep and elegant space temperament is the highlight here.
Villa bedroom decoration effect drawing
The lattice element decoration in the bedroom adds a retro luxury feeling to the whole room. The Chinese-style home decoration ink painting of the mansion embodies the classical Chinese characteristics, and you can enjoy every moment of comfort and relaxation in such an environment. It perfectly presents the oriental aesthetics of dignified elegance, full of charm, and exquisite subtlety.

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