Zhang Ming revealed: The Internet celebrity mouth brother is married, and the CP speculation with Qiao Mei is a script, and the sweet interaction causes discomfort

On July 3, Zhang Mingfa suddenly shared a video on his video account, and left a message saying: I saw the wrong person, the villain who plays this kind of thing is not worthy of my liking.

It is understood that Zhang Mingfa is an Internet celebrity under the banner of “chasing love”. Zhang Mingfa came to Anhui a few days ago to “compete” with Zuige. Zhang Mingfa said that Brother Zui was married, but under the arrangement of the company, he also fired CP with Ms. Qiao, and kept hugging, etc. This behavior made him feel “disgusting”, so he gave up courting Ms. Qiao.

However, due to the large gap between the two parties, Mei Qiao gives the impression of being a rich and beautiful daughter with a gentle and distinctive temperament, while Brother Zui gives the impression of just an ordinary person with a grin.

Therefore, many netizens are not optimistic about their future development, and even think that they are all routines and have no feelings.There were rumors on the Internet before that Mei Qiao and her ex-husband, Brother Cool, were about to get back together, and the news became more and more intense.

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