Yangzhou fried rice originated from Huaiyang cuisine and developed in Huaian

Yangzhou fried rice is a special delicacy in Yangzhou, but its origin comes from Huai’an, which is controversial. The origin of Yangzhou fried rice can be traced back to the Huaiyang cuisine with a long history.

Huaiyang Cuisine is represented by Huai’an and Yangzhou, both cities have many famous dishes. Yangzhou fried rice is one of the representatives of Yangzhou cuisine, famous for its unique flavor and production technology.

Yangzhou fried rice uses high-quality rice as the raw material. After the rice is cooked, heat the pot, add an appropriate amount of oil, and stir well. Then, add eggs, cooked shredded pork, shrimp, etc. as the main ingredients into the pot, pour in the rice with high heat, and stir fry evenly, so that the rice can absorb the flavors of other ingredients. Finally, add appropriate amount of salt, soy sauce and other seasonings, and stir fry evenly. The Yangzhou fried rice fried in this way is full of fragrance and has a good color and fragrance.

But regarding the origin of Yangzhou fried rice, some people think it originated in Huai’an, while others think it is a special delicacy of Yangzhou. In fact, Yangzhou and Huai’an are geographically adjacent, and the two places have frequent exchanges with each other, so there has also been a phenomenon of communication and integration in the food culture.

Regardless of the origin of Yangzhou fried rice, it has become a representative delicacy of Yangzhou. Yangzhou’s fried rice has attracted countless diners with its unique production technology and taste.Whether in the alleys of Yangzhou or in restaurants, you can taste this delicious fried rice

The popularity of Yangzhou fried rice is not only because of its delicious taste, but also because it carries people’s nostalgia and yearning for food and the taste of hometown. It is a business card of Yangzhou, and also a kind of inheritance and expression of Yangzhou food culture.

Whether it is Huaian or Yangzhou, the origin of Yangzhou fried rice does not affect its charm as a delicacy. It represents the combination of delicacy and culture, and has become an indispensable part of people’s dietary life. Therefore, while we can appreciate its delicacy, we should also explore and inherit the cultural connotation behind the food.

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