Xu Huaiyu does not plan to have children. She is single and unmarried since she was 45!I don’t envy Chen Yihan’s sons and daughters

Since the fourth season of “Riding the Wind and Waves”, the most controversial sister should be Xu Huaiyu! When the show first started, many netizens complained about her dancing, paddling, singing and stretching her hips, which didn’t look like the level that a queen should have.

Indeed, after Xu Huaiyu joined Sister Lang, she was busy with other work and had no time to get along with everyone, but behind her paddling is a person who has not been truly nourished in life! As the saying goes, it is difficult for a person to give what he does not have. How can a person who has never experienced the joy and satisfaction of life give joy and satisfaction to the audience?

Xu Huaiyu’s poor condition is not a professional problem, but that she is really miserable! Looking back at Xu Huaiyu’s experience of becoming famous over the years, she was disliked in her childhood, had a hard life, and was exploited by her grandpa when she grew up to earn money. All these years, she has relied on her various commercial performances to pay off her debts!

When asked: “Do you want to have children?” Xu Huaiyu immediately shook his head and said: “I don’t plan to have children. How tiring it was to take care of younger siblings when I was young!”

It is reported that Xu Huaiyu was born in Taipei City in 1978, and his original family is very complicated! Grandpa has a violent personality, and her father jumped to his death when she was very young! At the age of 7, Xu Huaiyu’s mother took her to remarry and gave birth to two younger sisters!

Because of poor family conditions, my mother and stepfather worked part-time in the factory to earn money. As the eldest, Xu Huaiyu not only has to learn to wash and cook, but also takes care of two newborn younger sisters! At that time, Xu Huaiyu was just in the fifth grade. For an adult, it would be difficult to take care of two children at the same time, let alone a teenager?

40-year-old Chen Yihan shared the daily life of her son and daughter on the show, but Xu Huaiyu said that she was not envious at all! Although she has never given birth to children, she brought up her two younger sisters alone, so she knows how hard it is to raise children! Female celebrities of the same age have given birth to two and three children, but Xu Huaiyu is still single and unmarried!

The misfortune of her native family devoured her like a vampire! So much so that I still live under the shadow of my original family, and I still don’t want to get married and have children! For Xu Huaiyu, the first half of her life was really really hard, so she must live for herself in the second half of her life!

In fact, whether to give birth or not is Xu Huaiyu’s personal choice, there is no right or wrong! As the saying goes: as long as a woman has never given birth to a child, no matter how old she is, she still has the mentality of a little girl! Just like Xu Huaiyu, even though her native family is unfortunate, she still maintains a girlish heart!

It can be said that Xu Huaiyu has only had her own life until now. After watching so many episodes, Xu Huaiyu has become more and more confident and attractive. She is really riding the wind and waves!

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