“Xinjiang is a good place” unveiled at Macau Travel Expo

Xinjiang Daily, Urumqi, July 2, Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Yao Gang learned from the Culture and Tourism Department of the Autonomous Region that on June 30, the 11th Macau International Tourism (Industry) Expo, which lasted for three days, opened in Macau. “Xinjiang is a Good Place” appeared at this expo.

At this Macao Tourism Expo, Xinjiang has two booths at the main venue and one special booth at the venue of the “Tea and the World” event hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The Culture and Tourism Department of the Autonomous Region, as the organizing unit, together with the cultural and tourism departments of Altay and Hotan, the Autonomous Region Travel Agency Association, Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Altai Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd., CYTS Xinjiang International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Great Western Five travel agencies from International Travel Service Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition. During the exhibition, the “Xinjiang is a good place” cultural and tourism promotion activity was held. Altay region, Hotan region and Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd. held two special promotions to introduce the northern and southern Xinjiang boutique tourism routes, key scenic spots, characteristic culture, food and preferential policies to the guests.

At the exhibition, the Xinjiang booth exhibited more than 60 kinds of tourism products, including a series of cultural and creative products such as “Five Stars Out of the East to Benefit China” and “Kuicha Murals”. Xinjiang song and dance performances such as “Picking Grapes” attracted many visitors to stop and watch, allowing people to experience Xinjiang folk customs through song and dance performances.

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