Xinhua Rentai Hospital: Normalized business rounds

Normalized ward rounds

Understand patient outcomes

Check postoperative recovery status

“How do you feel now? Do you feel any discomfort?” At 8 am on July 4, in the surgical ward on the third floor of Xinhua Rentai Hospital, a doctor asked the patient lying on the bed.

In order to comprehensively improve the hospital’s medical service quality, work efficiency and management level, and strengthen the responsibility of the hospital’s business rounds, in recent years, Xinhua Rentai Hospital has insisted on taking business rounds as a necessary course every morning, and organized relevant business department leaders, doctors, nurses, etc. Go deep into each ward and patiently listen to the statements of patients and their families, understand the changes in the patient’s condition and the effects of clinical treatment and surgery, solicit opinions from patients and their families on medical care, nursing, diet, etc., and truly take the patient’s experience as the guide, Provide high-quality medical services to patients.

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