writers have too much bias

Writers write to provide people with spiritual food. However, not all writers are saints, nor are all writers of high quality. On the contrary, writers have too many prejudices, and even become a person with mental problems who have entered a paranoid state.

Poets who write poetry have to wait for inspiration to write some poems that they think are excellent. Whether it is Wang Bo sleeping under the covers, or Li Bai drinking and writing poems, they are all examples of writing with inspiration. However, the themes and contents of their poems are limited, and they do not write all things in the world, nor do they write poems of many styles, but maintain their own language style and write poems with certain themes and contents. That is to say, poets do not write poems as soon as they see them, but write only when they are touched. The poems they write are only what they think are good. It’s the same thing. When writing poems, poets can gain a certain amount of freedom, but once they are written and published, they are out of control and cannot control the published poems. When readers read poetry, poetry only belongs to readers, not to poets.

Poets will have some prejudices when selecting materials. After all, people have cognitive limitations, and poets are no exception. They will have cognitive limitations. They will only choose materials that they think are valuable, and turn a blind eye to other materials. It has become good material in the eyes of other poets or novelists. It can be seen that the scope of poets’ selection of materials is limited, even relatively narrow. Those who write palace-style poems cannot write landscape poems, and those who write landscape poems cannot write frontier poems. Such a range of materials allows many poets to focus on the creation of a certain subject area, which of course has a lot of prejudice. Writing landscape poems in the same way as palace-style poems, or writing frontier poems in the same way as landscape poems, will make people feel nondescript, and even impossible to read completely. However, the subject matter and style of writing constrain the creation of poets. It is obvious that palace-style poems are already well written, so why do you have to write landscape poems across fields? Writing landscape poems is very good, why do you have to write frontier poems? I’m afraid it has something to do with the poet’s personal experience. Poets who have the experience of court life and are familiar with the life of the rich and powerful should write palace style poems; those who have the experience of living in the wilderness should write landscape poems; Poetry, it seems, cannot be blamed. One can see poems of different contents and styles without fully understanding the poet’s experience and his prejudices.

Literary works are not about expressing correctness and fairness, but about winning with emotion. Many writers are expressing their own thoughts and feelings, but they are not necessarily correct, and they are likely to have a narrow view and personal prejudice. It is impossible for people to be enlightened by reading a piece of prose, and it is impossible for people to be baptized by reading a novel. To say that a certain essay or novel has played the role of ideological enlightenment is just an exaggeration, not the actual effect. When a writer writes proses, he is just narrating and expressing emotions, but not to express the concept of fairness and justice, but to express his own understanding, and even bear the obvious imprint of personal world outlook, outlook on life and values, with a strong color of individualism, and also with There is a clear bias. After people read it, they like what they agree with, and discard what they disagree with. Not everyone likes to read, and not everyone doesn’t agree with it. If people don’t agree, there’s no need for a writer to write. Without the market, creation becomes useless. Of course, it is impossible for a writer to completely follow popular customs and fully meet people’s expectations, but to have his own independent thinking and his own unique way of expression. Therefore, the writer’s writing becomes the expression of his own thoughts, and at the same time, he takes care of the potential readers.

At the beginning of creation, a writer will think about the expectations of readers, and there will be a consideration of potential readers. That is to say, the writer has potential readers in mind, and knows how to cater to the needs of readers, instead of just talking about himself. Potential readers are the potential market demand, and only by catering to a part of the market demand will the work be recognized. If you write a high-profile novel, like a heavenly book, no one likes to read it, and the author will lose market recognition, and the publisher will lose money, and you will not be able to make money. However, the potential readers in the writer’s mind are not so reliable, and the real readers are not as the writer imagined. Therefore, after the writer writes, the work is published, which only caters to the expectations of the readers in the writer’s heart, but not necessarily the expectations of the readers in reality. If the work is not recognized, the writer will not be able to make money. Of course, some writers claim that they do not make a living by making money, but in fact it is just a gimmick. Writing is for making money, and only on the basis of making money will there be an improvement in taste. There are not many works that just pay attention to taste but do not make money. Unless the writer is not short of money, he writes some works for self-entertainment, but it does not make readers accept it.

Some writers pretend to be lofty, saying that they are never used to readers, and they can write whatever they want. Readers can only follow his brushstrokes, follow his thoughts, and cannot let him follow the vulgarity. In fact, he still has strong prejudices, thinking that he is right and noble, while readers are vulgar and can only be guided. In fact, they are also laymen, but they are a little narcissistic. They will also be stimulated by objective reality, and then form some thoughts and express them in words. Even though what they express is only one ten-thousandth of their thoughts, they still think it is beautiful, but it is not really beautiful, but they think it is beautiful. Therefore, the writer sees the world with personal prejudice, measures the world with unique personal thoughts, describes the world with unique personal style language, deconstructs the world with unique personal structure of works, and replaces real readers with personal imagined readers. reader. In this way, the writer becomes a complex system of thought, but it is not necessarily comprehensive, true, fair and just, and sometimes even shows a certain naive attribute. However, readers must not laugh at the childishness of the writers, but should see their creative biases and creative characteristics in a specific environment, otherwise they will be misled by the works, or by their own prejudices, and use prejudices to analyze prejudices. Even more biased.

In the face of the writer’s prejudice, readers should have discrimination, be unselfish, and understand the rules of creation, so that they can see the true thoughts hidden behind the prejudice.

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