Worth hundreds of millions but not married at nearly 40 years old, living alone is enviable, why can Wu Xin be confident

When mentioning Wu Xin, the first thing people think of is “Happy Camp”.

Although in the impression of most people, Wu Xin has always been the little transparent in “Happy Camp”.

She doesn’t have Xie Na’s ghostly spirit, nor does she have the strong hosting ability of Teacher He. Compared with Haitao in the same period, she also seems to have less sense of presence.

But who would have thought that the little girl who had no sense of existence in the eyes of the audience is now 40 years old?

After the show “Happy Camp” stopped broadcasting, several hosts also parted ways.

Everyone has to continue walking the rest of the way, and Wu Xin is no exception. This year, she participated in several new variety shows.

Judging from the pictures posted on social platforms, she is still in very good condition.

Today’s Wu Xin is no longer that fledgling girl back then.

In the huge money-absorbing world of the entertainment industry, Wu Xin has also gained a considerable amount of wealth by virtue of her own efforts.

This can be clearly seen from the hit variety show “My Girlfriend” a few years ago.

Wu Xin lives in a wealthy neighborhood where celebrities gather, and the neighborhood is so big that even if you take a walk, you will get lost.

In such a community, Wu Xin owns a large flat of 240 square meters.

In her home, the seemingly ordinary furniture is actually of great value.

And the wine in her wine cabinet and the expensive famous brands in the cloakroom have long been enough for ordinary people to buy a house with full money.

It can be said that it has not been easy for Wu Xin to strive to this point with his own efforts in these years.

However, she, who is worth hundreds of millions, is still single at the age of 40, neither married nor in love.

Many people don’t understand why. In fact, from her life alone, one can see why Wu Xin can be so confident.

Sufficient economic strength is more reliable than feelings

Over the years, Wu Xin has had scandals with many male stars, but so far, she has not voluntarily announced any relationship.

However, this cannot stop people who are willing to do it deliberately.

Wu Xin once revealed a past relationship of hers in the show.

At that time, in order to be with that man, Wu Xin had a dispute with his parents and insisted on being with him.

However, the other party disclosed their relationship without her knowledge.

Wu Xin once logged into Weibo with the other party’s mobile phone, but the other party used Wu Xin’s account to post a photo of the two together.

And made their relationship public. In this regard, Wu Xin could only choose to call the police, and the two eventually broke up.

It’s just that in the half a year after the breakup, the other party continued to harass Wu Xin.

At that time, Hunan Satellite TV sent two bodyguards to protect Wu Xin.

Although things passed slowly over time, the impact of this incident on Wu Xin was still very large.

Perhaps for this reason, until the age of 40, she still did not fall in love and get married.

In the field of psychology, this phenomenon of psychological shadow caused by trauma is called traumatic stress psychological problem.

That is what we often say, “Once bitten by a snake, you will be afraid of well ropes for ten years.”

After being hurt, individuals instinctively want to protect themselves. Some people will adopt an evasive attitude and are unwilling to face their feelings ever since.

Others need a long recovery to re-establish trust in intimate relationships.

In the variety show “My Girlfriend”, Wu Xin’s father also expressed his concern about Wu Xin’s relationship problems many times.

However, facing this problem, Wu Xin is actually more worried about the conflict between work and family:

Once she has a child, her career will definitely be affected, which must be a huge loss for her.

After being hurt emotionally, Wu Xin grew up painfully. She is no longer that impulsive little girl for love,

It is a mature woman who has learned to balance career and love. Obviously, Wu Xin chose a career.

Although in the eyes of many people, Wu Xin is still that little transparent, but I have to say that Wu Xin has always been a very hardworking girl.

In “Happy Camp”, although she is not so outstanding, she still strives to be the best she wants.

In “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, although she was also eliminated in the end,

But still treat every performance hard, so that the audience’s impression of her has been greatly changed.

She relied on these efforts to find a foothold for herself in the circle, and also reaped the life that many people dream of.

Now, in addition to working hard, she has also started investing and earning a lot of money.

In the variety show, she lives alone in a big house of 240 square meters.

Get up in the morning and do a simple exercise leisurely, then start to make up, eat takeaway, soak your feet for health care, and remove your makeup after everything is done.

This kind of leisurely sense of rhythm is difficult for many ordinary people to achieve in their lifetime.

Of course, Wu Xin’s non-marriage is not only related to her choice of career,

This is also inseparable from her growth experience and work experience.

Not confident she just wants to be alone

For a long time, Wu Xin gave people the impression of “not confident”. But in fact, before becoming the host of “Happy Camp”, she has always been a “child of other people’s family”.

It can be said that before this, Wu Xin has always been a relatively confident person.

However, after going to “Happy Camp”, everything changed.

What she received was countless abuse and accusations, which made her feel at a loss.

At a New Year’s Eve party, due to program adjustments, the program she worked so hard to prepare was removed.

But what made her feel sad was that among the many hosts, she was the only one who was taken off the show.

Wu Xin began to re-examine herself, and she became less and less confident. This was not only reflected in her work, but also in her relationship.

In the field of psychology, there is a concept called “impostor syndrome (Impostor syndrome)”.

It refers to those people who think that their success is not what they deserve.

They always attribute their success to various reasons, but none of them are related to themselves.

But when something bad happens in their life, they take it on themselves and think it’s all their fault.

This is an expression of extreme inferiority. In this psychology, people will become more and more closed.

Obviously, Wu Xin gave people such a feeling.

But she, who was once praised by everyone, was not willing to be defeated, so she chose to fight back.

She believes that the best way to face other people’s doubts is to get close to her ideal goal.

So, she let go of her feelings and focused on her career wholeheartedly.

In fact, this kind of experience of Wu Xin is also very common in many ordinary women.

From the perspective of social psychology, the meaning of women’s existence is always associated with marriage and childbirth.

In the process of growing up, girls often experience a lot of unfriendly eyes and evaluations.

Even some very beautiful girls, they also grew up in a suppressed environment.

However, with the rise of modern feminism, people’s concept of marriage and love has undergone great changes.

Many women no longer regard marriage and childbirth as things that must be completed in life. They focus more on themselves and choose to live for themselves.

Compared with male celebrities, female celebrities’ marriage and childbearing issues are always more likely to attract attention.

However, there are actually many things in them that deserve our attention, waiting for us to discover.

– The End –

Author | Tommy

Editor | Houhai

参考资料:Bruk, A., Scholl, S. G., & Bless, H. (2018). Beautiful mess effect: Self–other differences in evaluation of showing vulnerability. Journal of personality and social psychology, 115(2),

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