Wonderful! joy! shock! Danzhou “Village VA” starts tonight, and tens of thousands of people watch the game live↓

Shouts, drums, laughter, and songs are intertwined and gathered, appreciating jade stamens, watching games, tasting food, and watching intangible cultural heritage… The fierce battle on the volleyball court is in full swing, the audience is enthusiastic and cheering, and the halftime performance is unique… On July 3, ” Cool Hainan, Beautiful Danzhou” The 2023 Danzhou Dongpo Yurui Country Volleyball League (Danzhou “Village VA”) officially kicked off in Qili Village, Zhonghe Town. The passionate heat wave fully demonstrated the style of Danzhou’s rural areas after the integration of Yangpu and Yangpu, which are vigorous, high-spirited, and live and work in peace and contentment.

Yang Xinli, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports, and city leaders He Xianying, Yu Xiaolin, Zhang Sifeng, Tao Tao, Chen Ming, Xu Bing, Wang Min, Bao Yan, and Li Guixiong attended the game.

The program “Tune the Voice and Encourage” kicked off the game. After a brief launching ceremony, the two representative teams from Zhonghe Town and Haitou Town ushered in the opening match. The players of the two teams dedicated a wonderful game to the audience. the match of. What surprised the audience was that the famous sports announcer and commentator Han Qiaosheng was a “guest” at the scene, bringing everyone a professional and interesting commentary on the game, which greatly enriched the audience’s viewing experience.

It is understood that the competition will be held from July 3rd to 7th, and a total of 19 teams from 3 offices in 16 towns will participate in the competition. On the night of the 3rd, there were two games, Zhonghe Town VS Haitou Town, Nada Town VS Sandu District Office.

Qili Village, Zhonghe Town, is adjacent to Dongpo Academy. It is an ancient village with a history of more than 1,300 years. There are more than 10,000 jade stamen trees in the village. It is the largest and best-preserved ancient jade stamen tree group in Hainan. A 3km long green belt full of vitality. In recent years, based on the leisure plank roads on both sides of Qili Village, Zhonghe Town has built a Yurui flower viewing avenue, showing the beautiful scenery of Yurui Qiongsi in spring, attracting many tourists to come to check in play. Today, Qili Village has become one of the key rural tourism villages in the country. With the issuance of the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting Sports to Help Rural Revitalization”, Danzhou’s creation of village “VA” events not only resonates with the party and national policies at the same frequency, but also achieves the purpose of empowering rural revitalization with rural cultural and sports activities.

According to the person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, volleyball has a deep mass base in Danzhou, and “Village VA” has become an important carrier for enriching farmers’ lives, showing farmers’ spiritual outlook, leading rural civilization, and promoting rural economic development. The holding of the “Village VA” in Danzhou this time will drive more rural sports in the city to go out of the circle, further create a strong atmosphere in Danzhou to promote the construction of harmonious and beautiful villages, and also effectively promote the rural revitalization of Danzhou to a new level.

During the intermission of the competition, there were also cultural performances such as dialect folk song “Danzhou Folk Song Skewer”, Li Miao costume show, and tune performance “Meet at 9:30”, which pushed the atmosphere of the competition to a climax again and again. The game attracted many citizens and fans to watch, and volleyball fans from all over the world also watched the game and participated in the interaction through TV and online platforms. In addition, a display area for Danzhou’s characteristic agricultural products and traditional snacks was set up on site, presenting a fusion feast of “sports tourism” for citizens and tourists.

The results of the two games played that night were Zhonghe Town 2:0 Haitou Town, and Nada Town 0:2 Sandu Office.

Danzhou “Village VA”, the excitement will continue tomorrow!

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