Won the annual innovative product!Songjiang Enterprises Deeply Cultivate the Skin Care Track to Highlight Brand Influence

The “Confidence in China? 2023 Consumption Upgrade Summit Forum” sponsored by The Paper was held in Shanghai a few days ago. At the forum, “The Paper 2023 Consumer Innovation Case” was released simultaneously, and Meiyitang Aqua Cream, a Songjiang company Shanghai Liren Lizhuang Cosmetics Co., Ltd.’s own brand, won the annual innovative product.

Meiyitang is an R&D team independently established by Liren Lizhuang. The brand builds a “repair” system based on product safety, emphasizing the realization of freedom of efficacy under the premise of mildness and safety. The award-winning Meiyitang Water Gel Cream solves multiple skin pain points and needs such as first aid, repair, hydration, and soothing, and meets the diverse needs of consumers.

As a leading cosmetics online retail service provider in China, Lily & Beauty can incubate new brands according to the subdivided needs of consumers. In the future, Lily & Beauty will continue to gain insight into market demand, launch more innovative products, and empower brands to open up a broader market.

It is understood that the “Paper News 2023 Consumer Innovation Cases” aims to discover and present enterprises, brands, projects, and industry figures who have a pioneering and innovative spirit, promote consumption transformation and upgrading, and occupy a leading position in the industry.

Text: Cao Zhimin, correspondent of Liang Feng

Picture: photo courtesy of the interviewee

Editor: Chuyang Fan Jiaqi

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