“Why Uncle Harry Potter Won’t Let Him Go to School”

Harry Potter, a well-known name in the wizarding world, is an orphan who is bullied in the Muggle world. He is the protagonist of the “Harry Potter” series of novels and films, he is Voldemort’s sworn enemy, and he is a legend at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

But until he was eleven, he had no idea of ​​his identity. He was adopted by Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, and lived in a closet at No. 4 Privet Drive, where he was bullied and neglected by them and his cousin Dudley. He never got a birthday present or had a happy day.

So why doesn’t his uncle let him go to school? Are they so cruel? In fact, they have their own reasons and knots.

First of all, Uncle Vernon is a very conservative and stubborn person. He hates everything that is different from normal. He thinks magic is a weird and dangerous force. He is afraid that Harry Potter will bring trouble to them after he touches magic. and disaster. He had seen with his own eyes Harry Potter’s inadvertent magic, such as making glass disappear, making hair grow back, making snakes escape from cages, etc., and these things made him feel terrified and disgusted. He hopes to erase the magical genes in Harry Potter and make him an ordinary Muggle.

Secondly, Aunt Petunia is a very jealous and inferior person. She has been dissatisfied with her sister Lily since she was a child, because Lily is a natural witch and can enter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to learn magic, but she is a Ordinary Muggles. She once tried to apply for admission to Hogwarts, but was rejected. She has both yearning and hatred for the wizarding world, and she doesn’t want to see Harry Potter repeat Lily’s trajectory, and she doesn’t want to admit that Harry Potter is her nephew.

In the end, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia are both out of a twisted protective mentality, they don’t want Harry Potter to go to school, but also because they know how Harry Potter’s parents died. They know that Harry Potter is the target of Voldemort. They know that the wizarding world is a place full of danger and hostility. They know that after Harry Potter goes to school, he may face more difficulties and challenges. In their own way, they want to protect Harry Potter, keep him away from magic, from Voldemort, and from death.

Of course, these reasons do not justify their behavior, and their abuse and indifference to Harry Potter is inexcusable. They did not give Harry Potter a warm and happy family, nor did they give Harry Potter a freedom and the right to choose. They are just selfishly satisfying their own fears and jealousy, while ignoring Harry Potter’s feelings and needs.

Fortunately, Harry Potter finally received the admission letter from Hogwarts, met a good friend like Hagrid, entered the wizarding world, and embarked on a wonderful adventure. He found his identity and value in the wizarding world, as well as his family and friends. With his courage and wisdom, he fought against Voldemort and the forces of darkness, and protected the wizarding world and the Muggle world. He became a real hero and wizard.

In short, why Uncle Harry Potter did not let him go to school stems from their fear and disgust of magic, their jealousy and resentment towards Lily, and their protection and rejection of Harry Potter. These emotions are complex and contradictory, and also reflect the multi-faceted nature of human nature. We hope that Harry Potter can forgive their mistakes, and we hope that they can understand Harry Potter’s choices.

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