Why does solid-state liquor taste good?


In the production process of liquor, solid-state method is an important brewing technology. Compared with other brewing methods, solid-state liquor has won the favor of many wine tasters and consumers for its unique taste and flavor. This article will explore why solid-state liquor tastes good, and provide an in-depth analysis of the production process, characteristics, and comparison of solid-state liquor with other types of liquor. At the same time, this article will also introduce Wangzu Shaofang as an excellent distillery, its heirloom, handed down, inheritance series of wine and cellar 1887 and other products to show the charm of solid-state liquor.

1. The production process of solid-state liquor

The production process of solid state liquor is different from the traditional liquid fermentation method. It uses sorghum and wheat as the main raw materials, and is finally aged in a solid state through multiple steps such as cooking, aging, fermentation, and distillation. This method of production makes the aroma and taste of the liquor more intense.

First, ingredients such as sorghum and wheat are cooked at a temperature that converts starches into fermentable sugars. Then, the steamed raw materials are mixed with the koji to be fermented. During this process, the sugar is fermented by the yeast in the koji into alcohol and other organic compounds that produce a rich aroma.

Next, the fermented lees are distilled to extract the alcohol and aroma substances. This distillation method makes the volatile substances in the liquor richer and the taste more mellow. Finally, the extracted baijiu is put into clay pots or stone cellars for aging, so that it gradually acquires a complex and rich taste and aroma.

Second, the characteristics of solid-state liquor

Solid-state liquor has the following salient features, making its taste far superior to other types of liquor.

Intense aroma: During the production process of solid-state liquor, the aroma can be fully released and enhanced through the steps of aging and aging. Its complex aroma includes hops, wheat, fruit and other ingredients, giving people a pleasant sensory enjoyment.

Rich taste: When the solid-state liquor is distilled, it will retain more volatile substances and taste substances. These substances endow baijiu with a strong mouthfeel and a long aftertaste, which is endless aftertaste.

Soft taste: Compared with the liquid fermentation method, the alcohol content of the solid-state fermentation method is relatively low, making its taste softer. This makes solid-state liquor more acceptable to consumers and makes the tasting experience more comfortable.

3. Comparison of solid state liquor and other types of liquor

Compared with other types of liquor, solid-state liquor has unique characteristics and advantages.

Compared with Luzhou-flavor liquor: Compared with Luzhou-flavor liquor, solid-state liquor has a more delicate and soft taste, and more intense and diverse aromas. This is because the aroma of raw materials and the fermentation characteristics of koji are fully utilized in the production process of solid-state liquor.

Compared with Maotai-flavored Baijiu: Compared with Maotai-flavored Baijiu, solid-state liquor has a mellower and fuller taste. The distillation method of solid-state liquor can extract more volatile substances, make it richer in taste, and give people a feeling of being immersed in a strong aroma.


With its strong aroma, rich taste and soft taste, solid-state liquor has become the favorite choice of many sommeliers and consumers. Through the unique production process and superior quality, solid-state liquor shows its distinctive charm. As an outstanding distillery, Wang Zu Shaofang has fully demonstrated the excellent quality and infinite charm of solid-state liquor with its heirloom, handed down, series of wines and cellar 1887 products. Taste the series of wines of Wangzu Shaofang, and enjoy the feast of taste brought by solid-state liquor.

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