Why did Cai Jing frame Gao Lian? Aren’t they the same breed? In fact, Cai Jing was forced!

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In the last issue, we mentioned that in order to wipe out the 108 heroes headed by Song Jiang in Liangshan Bozhong, Gao Li brought ten Jiedu envoys to fight. These ten Jiedu envoys are all green forest heroes who have been recruited, and their combat effectiveness is very strong. If Song Jiang hadn’t used crowd tactics, it would have been really difficult for Song Jiang to win.

However, no matter how powerful these ten Jiedu envoys are, there are more than one hundred people under Song Jiang’s command, basically five to ten of them beat each of them. There is absolutely a chance of winning against one, but there is no chance of winning against five or ten. Therefore, Gao Li was defeated, which was a matter of course.

However, when Gao Qiu was defeated but still trying to fight Song Jiang, he was suddenly told that the court would recruit Song Jiang and others again. Isn’t it obvious that he is against Gao Lian? Who has the guts to go against the celebrity in front of the emperor? This person is the famous Grand Master Cai Jing!

In other words, why did Cai Jing frame Gao Lian? Aren’t they the same breed? In fact, Cai Jing was forced!

Everyone knows that whether it is the novel “Water Margin” or the related film and television dramas, Cai Jing, Gao Qi, Tong Guan and Yang Jian are all described as treacherous officials. Moreover, these four people are all of the same breed, and they are in collusion with each other. Even if the relationship is not good, they will not tear each other down. But this time, Gao Qiu and Song Jiang are at a critical juncture. The Taishi Cai Jing not only does not want to help Gao Qiu, but agrees to recruit security again. Isn’t this a problem for Gao Qiu?

As I said just now, Cai Jing was actually forced. In other words, Cai Jing is an extremely powerful person who adapts to the situation. It is true that Cai Jing has a sworn feud with Song Jiang, but if he encounters an official who is more powerful than him and suppresses him, Cai Jing will give up his personal interests and flatter this senior official instead. So, in the imperial court at that time, was there anyone who was a bigger official than Cai Jing? Yes, that is Han Zhongyan, the grand master of the country.

Among the ten envoys brought by Gao Qiu, one named Han Cunbao was captured by Song Jiang and released. Immediately, Han Cunbao felt that Song Jiang really wanted to be recruited, so he wanted to help Song Jiang intercede. What is the status of this Jiedushi, and why can his attitude influence the attitude of the court? It is explained in the book that this Jiedushi named Han Cunbao is the nephew of the old grand master Han Zhongyan. Cai Jing originally did not agree to recruit Song Jiang again, but Han Cunbao expressed his attitude, Cai Jing immediately followed suit and agreed to recruit Song Jiang!In this regard, in the seventy-ninth chapter of the book “Liu Tang set fire to the warship
In “Song Jiang’s Two Defeats to Gao Taiwei”, there is such a description:

The two came to see Cai Jing and said, “Song Jiang has no different intentions at all. He only hopes that the court will recruit him.” Zhao’an, it’s a pity that people don’t spread the court’s moral intentions, and care for them with all their heart; don’t use good words, just talk about interests, so it can’t be done.” Fang Yun of Cai Jing.

Therefore, under Cai Jing’s strong support, the imperial court finally issued another edict to recruit Song Jiang. However, in this way, Gao Li was faced with a huge problem. The imperial court’s edict of Zhao’an has been issued, is Gao Qiu obeying the edict or not?

If Gao Qiu obeys the order, then all the efforts Gao Qiu put in before will be in vain, and the officials of the court will still feel that Gao Qiu is incompetent. Once the order is received, Gao Qiu will have no face to return to Beijing.

If Gao Qiu didn’t obey the order, he would see that he had lost two battles in a row, whether it was generals or soldiers, he would have suffered heavy losses. For a while, there was no effective way to wipe out Song Jiang and others.

However, Cai Jing agreed to recruit security. As we said just now, it was not out of intention, but forced. The nephews of Grand Master Guo have come forward to intercede for Song Jiang. If he disagrees, it will be tantamount to making an enemy of Grand Master Guo. Cai Jing doesn’t want to be taken advantage of. Therefore, Cai Jing also left a loophole in the edict drafted by Cai Jing, but Gao Qiu himself did not discover this loophole.

Therefore, the reason why Cai Jing agreed to recruit security again was not really to pose a problem to Gao Qiu, but to hope that after seeing the edict, Gao Qiu could act accordingly and do everything possible to eliminate Song Jiang. Therefore, Cai Jing is not high-spirited, and Gao Qiu is still the same dog after all!

Then, in “Water Margin”, are there any other interesting stories that you haven’t noticed? Let’s talk about it next time!

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