Which one is better, Gree 3-horse cabinet machine Jingzhi or Jingchun? Is there a big difference between the two?

Among Gree’s high-end 3-horsepower cabinet air conditioners with new first-class energy efficiency, there are two cabinets that are very popular, that is, Gree 3-horse cabinet Jingzhi and Jingchun. These two cabinet air conditioners are all Gree cabinets. For high-end models, which one is better, Gree 3-hp cabinet machine Jingzhi or Jingchun? Is there a big difference between the two? Let’s read it in detail.

First look at the analysis of the advantages of these two cabinet air conditioners:

Gree Jingzhi 3 HP New Class Energy Efficiency Cabinet Air Conditioner

The current price of this 3-horsepower new-level energy-efficient cabinet air conditioner is 9499 yuan, which belongs to Gree’s high-end cabinet air conditioner. Although the price is a bit high, the comfort of this cabinet air conditioner is excellent. Super high value, placed in the living room is very classy.

The configuration of the external unit is very luxurious. The double-row condenser copper pipe 22.6cc displacement Highly compressor and the electronic expansion valve are cool external units. These configurations are all sufficient. Don’t worry about its cooling and heating performance. As far as the air conditioner is concerned, it is doing very well.

In fact, Gree Jingzhi’s biggest selling point is its comfort. It is equipped with constant temperature three-dimensional air supply technology, and the upper and lower layered air supply can realize independent air supply of cold and warm air. The warm air warms the whole body with the soles of the feet, and the cold air cools slowly from above. Down, no direct blowing, first-class comfort, support for various intelligent functions, and an energy efficiency value of 4.42, which is very power-saving.

Post the activity quotation of Gree Jingzhi 3 new-level energy-efficient cabinet machines:

[Jingdong self-operated]Gree 3 pcs Jingzhi cooling and heating distribution constant temperature space self-cleaning smart living room air conditioner vertical air conditioner cabinet KFR-72LW/



Let’s explain Gree Jingchun’s 3-horsepower new-level energy-efficient cabinet air conditioner

Gree Jingchun’s 3-horsepower new-level energy-efficient cabinet machine is also an extremely high-end model, with a price of about 11,999 yuan. Its biggest advantage is that it can efficiently remove formaldehyde and purify the air, making the air in the living room fresher and free of peculiar smell. Breathing is healthier, and the purification has reached a first-class level. The actual test can effectively decompose formaldehyde.

For some new houses, or the living room with a relatively strong odor, in fact, this Gree Jingchun 3 HP new-level energy-efficient cabinet machine is still very good, and its performance is also top-notch. The double-row condenser copper tube has a displacement of 25cc and Lingda compression Machine, first-class performance, with a cold external machine, 1200 grams of refrigerant.

The indoor unit is also equipped with wide-area three-dimensional automatic air supply technology. It is a very good air conditioner model in terms of air supply range, air supply distance, and comfort. The energy efficiency value is also as high as 4.47. It supports various intelligent functions. The value is very high-end atmosphere.

Posted the latest quotations of Gree Jingchun’s 3 new-level energy-efficient cabinet machines:

[Jingdong self-operated]Gree (GREE) 3 Jingchun high-efficiency formaldehyde removal air conditioner air purifier all-in-one machine



Comparison: Which one is better between Gree 3-horsepower cabinet machine Jingzhi and Jingchun? Is there a big difference between the two?

In fact, the air conditioner of Gree 3 Jingchun cabinet machine is better than Gree Jingzhi, because Gree 3 Jingchun cabinet machine has a very good formaldehyde removal effect, purifies the toxic and harmful gas system, cares for the breathing health of the family, and is also extremely comfortable. Even better, the performance will also be stronger. It is equipped with a 25cc displacement Lingda compressor, and the refrigeration and heating are top-notch.

The difference is actually not that big, because both are high-end cabinet air conditioners with excellent comfort, you can start according to your own budget, if you have higher requirements for air purification, you can choose Gree 3 HP Jingchun cabinet , if you only want to consider a cabinet machine with excellent comfort and good cooling and heating effects.

Then Gree Gree Jingzhi is also very good, with high appearance, high comfort, and very good performance. It is a very popular high-end cabinet air conditioner. unnecessary trouble.

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