Where should I go to see tumors in Beijing? Where is more reliable?

Today let’s talk about how to choose a regular and reliable cancer screening institution in Beijing. Presumably everyone sees a lot of articles about cancer screening programs every day, but they are always confused about how to find a satisfactory and reliable screening institution. In the huge Beijing, where should Beijing go to see tumors?

Why ask this question? Because in many cases, the hardware configuration between different institutions is similar, such as various gastrointestinal endoscopy, B-ultrasound, CT examination, etc. However, although the machines are all the same, if the operator is inexperienced, the machine is a pile of scrap iron. Informal “casual” inspections cannot detect cancer early at all. In addition, the discovery of early cancer is much more difficult than imagined. Taking gastric cancer as an example, some patients had a normal gastroscopy one year ago, but they were diagnosed with gastric cancer when they were checked one year later. Under the gastroscope, the local gastrointestinal motility is slightly stiff. If you don’t pay attention, some parts will be missed, so it is very important to pick an experienced doctor.

Therefore, when choosing an anti-cancer screening institution, you may wish to consider the following aspects:

1. Try to choose a large institution or hospital with rich experience in regular tumor treatment. Some high-end medical examination institutions can arrange experienced examiners, which is also a good choice. For example, the ECS early cancer screening platform in Beijing gathers experienced and professional doctors from well-known top tertiary hospitals in Beijing to help everyone prevent cancer accurately. To control the risk of cancer in advance, there are also professional oncologists to do 1V1 high-risk risk assessment service,

2. Physical examination institutions affiliated to large regular hospitals can also be considered. Of course, after completing the screening examination, many people should be glad that they are healthy, and some minor problems are inevitable. When encountering words such as “tumor”, “CA”, and “MT”, many ordinary people may not understand what they mean. The ECS early cancer screening platform also has experts’ detailed interpretation reports, and all these problems can be solved.

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