Where is Bao Qingtian’s ancestral home?

Where is Bao Qingtian’s ancestral home? Bao Qingtian’s ancestral home is Feidong, Hefei, Anhui, which was called Luzhou Hefei in ancient times. Bao Qingtian’s real name is Bao Zheng, his courtesy name is Xiren, and his aliases include Bao Xiren, Bao Gong, Bao Xiaosu, Bao Qingtian, Bao Longtu, Bao Zhongcheng, Yan Luo Baolao, and Bao Daizhi.

Bao Qingtian was a famous minister in the Northern Song Dynasty, whose ancestral home was Hefei, Anhui. Bao Zheng was born in the second year of Song Zhenzong Xianping. He was diligent, studious and filial to his parents since he was a child. However, Bao Zheng’s parents were too old, and Bao Zheng couldn’t bear to leave them, so he asked the court to arrange him to be an official near Hefei, Anhui. However, even though he was so close to home, his parents still didn’t want to leave. Bao Zheng was asked to leave his hometown, so Bao Zheng resigned and returned to his parents. I have to say that Mr. Bao is self-willed enough.

Bao Zheng supported his parents in his hometown in Hefei for many years, and then his parents passed away one after another. After the filial piety period expired, Bao Zheng went to Beijing to accept orders and appointments under the encouragement of his father and fellow villagers. After being recommended by Yushi Zhongcheng Wang Gongchen, he was appointed as the supervisor of Yushi Lixing in November.
Changed to supervisory censor, Bao Zheng was indeed ruthless during his tenure as an official, petitioned for the people, and impeached the uncle of the country and other relatives of the emperor many times, so he was also honored as Bao Qingtian, but Bao Zheng was not like the one in the TV series. He was an errand in Kaifeng Mansion, which was the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty at that time, and the governor of Kaifeng was an important official position. Bao Zheng had never been the governor of Kaifeng.

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