Where does rectus abdominis repair start?

After giving birth, my belly became big and ugly. I wanted to lose weight but couldn’t. After a period of time after giving birth, it still looks like that. At this time, it should be considered whether it is caused by the separation of the rectus abdominis. If it is caused by the separation of the rectus abdominis, you should do rectus abdominis repair.

Where should rectus abdominis repair after childbirth start? Yi Shumei will sort out for you today.

The rectus abdominis is two very critical muscles on the front wall of the abdomen. Some mothers will have separation of the rectus abdominis after giving birth. Generally, these two muscles split in a fusiform shape at the linea alba. During postpartum repair, you can do exercises that increase the abdominal muscles to promote the repair of the rectus abdominis.

1. Belly breathing

Lie on your back and relax your whole body. Inhale through your nose, expanding your stomach and keeping your chest still as you inhale. Breathe, contract the abdomen inward as much as possible, there is a feeling that the navel is looking for the spine. After the breath is exhausted, pause for 5 seconds and repeat this action again. Generally 10-15 times a group, 2-3 groups.

2. Standing abdomen (supine abdomen)

Keep a neutral position against the wall, with the back of your head, back, and buttocks against the wall. When exhaling, the lumbar spine touches the wall, and inhaling restores. 10-15 times per group, repeat 2-3 groups. Pull your belly in as far as you can, imagining how it would feel to approach the wall with your navel.

3. Passive rectus abdominis repair

That is, low-frequency pulse current promotes nerve or muscle contraction to restore its motor function. Just like Yi Shumei’s rectus abdominis repair instrument, the use of low-frequency electric promotion can increase the muscle strength of the rectus abdominis muscle, and at the same time can effectively relax the tension of the oblique muscles.

Where should a rectus abdominis repair start? Analyze the specific reasons and then break down one by one according to the actual situation, so that the rectus abdominis can be repaired.

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