When you come to Dalian, you must unlock the shops that are not available in Daqing

As a senior “foodie”, he has a history of eating for more than 50 years (cover face) (cover face) (cover face)

When you come to Dalian, you must unlock the shops that are not available in Daqing! ! ! On the second day of my visit, I checked in at the Yalu River seafood barbecue stall located in Tongtai Street, Jiefang Square, Shahekou District, Dalian. This restaurant mainly focuses on seafood.

The slogan of the hotel: Taste all over the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, drink like the Yalu River.

A review showed that the per capita consumption was 128 yuan. When I went to the restaurant and looked at the price tags of the dishes, it was really not cheap. The three of us ordered three dishes.

It is said to be a food stall, but it is actually a very good restaurant. The restaurant is very large and there are many diners. I ordered steamed oysters with garlic vermicelli. The oysters are very large and cost 19 yuan each. A plate of razor clams is 68 yuan, and mutton skewers are 25 yuan and 10 small skewers.

(Breeze) Tap the blackboard to draw the key points: steamed oysters with garlic vermicelli are very good, steamed razor clam with garlic vermicelli is a bit too much, and it is a bit difficult to chew.

Garlic Vermicelli Steamed Oysters

Garlic Vermicelli Steamed Clams

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