When “Ru Porcelain” beautiful utensils meet “Michelin” food…

On June 29, an elegant visual and taste feast – “Song Feng Yayun” Michelin Tasting Banquet was held at Dongshan Hotel, Yantai. This is a high-end tasting and exchange event integrating food, wine and beautiful utensils. The top domestic food, wine, and art masters gathered together. Fan Suizhou and Wang Zhenfang, the founders of Hongbao Ru Porcelain, were invited by the organizer, as representatives of top-notch beautiful wares, to look back at the “blue color” of the thousand-year-old Ru Porcelain together with the participants, and feel the beauty of Song Dynasty through time and space.

Listening to Guqin, watching classical dance, tasting Michelin-starred food, tasting Longyu wine, Koya/15-year-old XO brandy, feeling the incomparable “beauty” of Ru porcelain…a high-end event that gathers the top food, wine and utensils in China The tasting feast kicked off.

“Liufu Tiancai Welcomes Xiahui”, “Caviar Geoduck Salad with Double Treasures”, “Sea Horse and Phoenix Waist Stewed Fish Maw”, “Ancient Steamed East Sea Yellow Croaker”…International culinary art masters, international food judges, UNESCO Chinese catering Cultural promotion ambassador, culinary (Chinese cuisine) professional senior engineer, double Ph.D. Li Yongzhou, together with 8 Chinese culinary masters and Michelin star chefs, made nine dishes with top ingredients and ingenuity, creating a “must eat Michelin once in a lifetime” feast”.

“Grape wine luminous cup, if you want to drink pipa, immediately remind you.” As a company with a history of 131 years, Changyu is one of the only two century-old wine companies among the top 10 wine companies in the world, adhering to the century-old craftsman spirit. Longyu Wine is a representative work of Changyu people’s century-old ingenuity, which condenses the essence of oriental terroir and is a “work of art” that has been polished for more than ten years. Li Jiming, doctor of agronomy, the first “Chinese Wine Master”, and chief engineer of Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co., Ltd., shared and tasted the “Yantai wine” that created a new era of China’s industrialized wine brewing for the guests – Longyu Cabernet Sauvignon dry white Wine, Longyulong 12 dry red wine, China’s XO-Koya XO brandy with more than 40 innovative technologies and national patents and other fine wines.

What everyone is most looking forward to is that Fan Suizhou, the drafter of the “National Standards for Ru Porcelain”, a master of Chinese ceramic crafts, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Ru Porcelain, and the founder of Hongbao Ru Porcelain, according to the Ru Porcelain Royal Palace Collection of the Former Official Museum Pan, jointly created with the international culinary art master Li Yongzhou – “Palace Royal Pan”.

Wang Zhenfang, an expert who enjoys special allowances from the State Council, an artist in the Chinese art industry, and an inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Ru porcelain, shared the “National Treasure Ru Porcelain Four Wonders” for the guests. In March 2002, the State Post Bureau officially issued a set of stamps with the theme of Ru Kiln Porcelain – “Chinese Ceramics – Ru Kiln Porcelain” across the country. This set of stamps is based on the string pattern statues, three-legged washware, bowls and plates handed down from the Palace Museum in Beijing. It is beautiful in shape and pure in glaze color. Rare and precious, it is also called “National Treasure Ru Porcelain Four Wonders”. The perfect refiring of Hongbao Ru Porcelain can be called a miracle in the world of Ru Porcelain.

In recent years, Hongbaoru Porcelain, in the image of a contemporary official kiln, has repeatedly gone to the world with national ceremonies and state banquets, showing the beauty of the East to the world. Ru Porcelain, a beautiful vessel that has always been highly respected by the royal family, served as a gourmet container in this banquet, and the combination of Michelin-starred food and Changyu fine wine complemented each other and amazed the audience.

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