When Jinyun beauty meets “dopamine outfit”, the matching rate is 100%!

The “many-baramineweartake

To put it simply, it is to wear happiness on the body

Evoke positive emotions with bright colors


When the beauty of Jinyun meets dopamine to wear

100% matching rate

Colorful and exciting

Eye-catching powder

With the infinite blue lotus leaves reaching the sky and the red lotus flowers reflecting the sun, the hottest season of the year kicks off. The pink and delicate lotus flowers crowd the lotus pond, and they bloom more and more; enjoying the lotus under the moon and the cool breeze by the lake are unique romances in summer.

??Fengshanxia Natural Village, Xiaoxiandu Village, Dongdu Town

?? Lianfeng Village, Huzhen Town? Pan Zhanghong

??Heyang Village, Xinjian Town? Gutang Jingshi

??Huzhen Town Xiaqian Village? Pan Zhanghong


Blue seems to have healing magic. After a few summer rains, the blue sky is full of purity, and a giant “cotton candy” is also generously presented, which changes at any time and is always beautiful. It is the “love sky in a dream”!

??Jinyun County

?? Huzhen Town? Lu Rongren

??Ancient Victory Aqueduct in Huyuan Township

??Sanxi Township Mengfengjian Warrior Paradise

??The ancient village of Shangguankeng, Yanmen Village, Rongjiang Township

natural green

In the hot summer, there is no color that can be more refreshing and pleasant than “green”. Indulging in the vastness of dark green, as if breaking into the fairy tale “Wizard of Oz”, I feel relaxed and happy.

??Caotouzhaibei, Dayang Town

??Ocean Town Jiaohai


??Ma’anshan, Dongfang Town

??Yuechenchai Road Village, Dayuan Town

??Yanxia Village, Huzhen Town? Zhu Yongyuan

Whether it’s the dawn, the morning glow, or the sunset and dusk, the afterglow, nature, the most romantic artist, has given Xia Jinyun visual feasts one after another. If you like this romance, even if you are in a hurry, don’t forget to “check” this gorgeous color~

??Good Creek Sunrise? Pan Zhanghong

??Sunrise at Dayang Mountain in Dayang Town

??Sunrise in Dayuan Town

??Sunset at Zhounong Village, Yin Gongfu Camp, Qili Township

??Sunset glow in Houzhai Natural Village, Huzhen Town? Pan Zhanghong

??Sunset glow in Ren’an Village, Shuhong Town

Come to Jinyun this summer

Look for a heart-pounding “dopamine beauty”

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