What kind of disease is Parkinson’s disease?

With the popularization of health knowledge, more and more people have not only heard of various diseases, but also have a certain understanding of the relevant knowledge of many diseases. For example, when it comes to Parkinson’s disease, a common degenerative change in the nervous system, many people have the impression: “Symptoms are shaking hands”“Can be paralyzed in severe cases“… So, are these claims accurate? What kind of disease is Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s is amovement disorders, Existing studies believe that Parkinson’s is a disease caused by the reduction of dopamine neurons in the brain. Because dopamine neurons are involved in the coordination of human movement, after the reduction of dopamine neurons, the coordination of human movement will be weakened accordingly. “However, the specific cause of Parkinson’s is not very clear. At present, it is believed that there are some factors that cause Parkinson’s.Genetics, aging, environmental factors, intracranial infection, traumatic brain injury, cerebrovascular diseasewait.

Its typical clinical manifestationsResting tremor, slowness of movement, rigidity, disturbance of postural gaitand other motor symptoms.In addition to common motor symptoms, patients with Parkinson’s disease also haveAnxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, hyposmia, cognitive impairment, paresthesia, urinary and defecation disturbanceand other non-motor symptoms.

Chinese medicine says that Parkinson’s is due toInternal movement of liver wind, deficiency of liver and kidney, insufficient liver blood, excessive liver fire, leading to the invasion of external evil wind, resulting in the onset of the disease, the liver belongs to wood among the five elements, and the kidney belongs to water among the five elements. Water can produce wood, qi and blood are obstructed, and tendons and joints are lost due to nourishment.passed on treatmentReplenishing qi and blood, liver and kidney, dispelling wind and dredging collaterals, suppressing convulsions and convulsions, clearing away heat and tonifying collaterals, to relieve wind and convulsions, nourishing liver and kidneyTo treat Parkinson’s.

What do people with Parkinson’s disease need to pay attention to?

1.strict medication: The drug regimen for Parkinson’s disease emphasizes individualization, precision, and disease-specific treatment. The dosage of drugs cannot be increased or decreased at will. Drug adjustments need to strictly control the basis of clinical symptoms.

2.Pay attention to diet: Balanced diet, diet diversification, should be based on plant food. Food processing should be as simple as possible, and more local and seasonal vegetables and fruits should be selected to avoid the loss of trace elements and antioxidant components. Cook food mainly with vegetable oil and reduce animal oil intake.

3.focus on rehabilitation: Parkinson’s disease patients can carry out corresponding rehabilitation or exercise training according to different mobility obstacles under the premise of ensuring safety.for exampleDancing, Tai Chi, walkingWuqinxi, Baduanjin, yoga, etc., can not only delay aging, but also improve posture stability and walking ability.

4.Pay attention to the mental problems of patients: As family members, patients with Parkinson’s disease should be encouraged to speak and communicate more, allowing them to express their real needs and relieve negative emotions in a timely manner. If the mental symptoms worsen, seek medical attention in time.

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