What is Yu Guyao’s original novel about?Zhu Yan’s Ci Jinghua Ci Shu, the most difficult thing to keep in the world

The original novel “Zhu Yan” of “Yu Gu Yao” is divided into two volumes. “Zhu Yan’s Ci Jing Hua Ci Tree is the most difficult thing to keep in the world”, which is the origin of the name of the heroine Zhu Yan. The “mirror” in “Ci Jing”, together with the title of the book, can be understood as the entire “Mirror” series. “Zhu Yan” is a prequel to the “Mirror” series, what is it about, pay attention to Shimu Entertainment, the details are below!

The original novel of “Yu Gu Yao” tells about the childhood memories of Somo, the emperor of the sea. The name of the novel is “Zhu Yan”, not “Memoirs of Su Mo’s Difficult to Ping”, but it is precisely stated that it is the setting of the group portrait of the heroine. The meaning of Su Mo’s existence is more related to ” Mirror series.

According to the chronological order of publication, the “Mirror” series, “Feather” series, and “Red Face” have constructed a grand picture scroll of cloud and barrenness.

The timeline of the plot is that Kongsang destroyed the sea country and enslaved the sharks (“Zhu Yan”). The Ice Clan overthrew Kongsang and continued to enslave the Merman. Kongsang teamed up with the sharks to restore the country and expel the Ice Race (“Mirror” series) for a win-win situation. The wheel of fate turns, a mixed-race merman saves the world by killing, and meets a girl from the Yu clan (“The Feather” series”).

The first protagonist of “Zhu Yan” is the heroine Zhu Yan. Those who love Zhu Yan and those who hate Zhu Yan all have names. There are 70 years left in the countdown to Kongsang’s demise, and the future mermaid sea emperor Sumo has been bullied all the time, and he has become beautiful and green-eyed, which is supposed to be a cure. Don’t ask Zhu Yan why she has the ability to protect the Merman, the Princess of Kongsang Chi Clan is not for nothing. There are also aristocrats who engage in side jobs. For example, the crown prince Shiying is a great priest and has accepted Zhu Yan as his only apprentice. The aristocrats just want to play with the aristocrats, probably maybe it has this taste.

Foretelling that the Emperor of the Sea would be unfavorable to Kongsang in the future, Shiying had no intention of inheriting the throne of Kongsang, but he still became the first in line to be the heir. Yuan’s death. Although Zhiyuan didn’t like Zhu Yan, but Zhu Yan’s grandmother, Zhu Yan later realized that her true love was Shi Ying, but Shi Ying was still willing to be killed by Zhu Yan because Zhi Yuan was on Zhu Yan’s blacklist.

Although Zhu Yan finally revived Shi Ying and shared her life with Shi Ying, she was separated from Su Mo in the chaos and was misunderstood by Su Mo. It’s perfect.

Use the words “Butterfly Love Flower·Reading the End of the World to Parting Bitterness” to analyze:

The first sentence “reading all the pain of parting in the end of the world, returning without a note, and a note like a scattered flower” corresponds to seventy years later, Su Mo returns with a dull pain, and the old friends including Zhu Yan have withered like flowers.

ps: The mermaid lifespan is ten times that of the human race, as long as this setting is achieved, it will become this result. Although there were also reasons why Su Mo deliberately avoided seeing Zhu Yan.

Then he said, “Looking at the bottom of the flower, there is no word, and there is nothing to say about the spring and the sky in the green window. Waiting for the lovesickness lamp to be appealed, there is a new love, and thousands of strands of old hatred.” Sang and Su Mo went to Zhu Yan’s final resting place, but were caught on the way, and a conspiracy pushed him to Bai Ying, the descendant of Zhu Yan. Sumo was shaken by the secret fate, and the endless old hatred between Yuren and Kongsang made him suffer even more.

In the end, “It’s hard to stay in the world, Zhu Yan’s speech in the mirror, flowers and trees” corresponds to the change of time. Everything between Su Mo and Zhu Yan is gone forever, and there is no record in the history books. Su Mo pushed the wheel of life to become the emperor of the sea, and he would never know that Zhu Yan remembered him until his death.

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