Wen Zhang and his girlfriend had a late-night dinner together. He was so addicted to cigarettes that he even took away his friend’s cigarettes. His hair was gray and haggard.

On the morning of July 4th, the well-known paparazzi “Shooting Liu Dahammer” released an article about actors and new girlfriends gathering late at night, and said in amazement: “The content of this article is terrifying!” Not only in the room He kept puffing up clouds and mist during the meal, and just opened the door after the meal and smoked violently, which aroused heated discussions among netizens.

The show business circle likes to say that “popularity nourishes people”. When it is popular, not only can you get in touch with the top resources in the circle, but also the people around you are coaxing, everything goes smoothly, and people’s mental state is naturally the same. In the snobbish entertainment industry, there are more icing on the cake and less charcoal in need; when popular, everyone fawns;

A post dressed in simple attire, leisurely carrying a filter cigarette holder, happily chatting with friends. After smoking the last cigarette in the box, he threw the empty cigarette box on the ground, turned around and said goodbye, and was about to return angrily; at this time, a woman with long hair in a black robe immediately handed over an unopened pack Tobacco solves the other party’s dilemma, and the content of the article is also avoided, and nods immediately without saying a word.

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