Water air conditioner or fluorine air conditioner, which one is more comfortable?

Water air conditioner or fluorine air conditioner, which one is more comfortable? Let me introduce the comparison and advantages and disadvantages of “water air conditioner” and “fluorine air conditioner”.

working principle

Water air conditioner VS fluorine air conditioner

“Water Conditioner”:The water system central air-conditioning system includes an outdoor host and indoor terminal equipment. The outdoor host provides cold/hot water, and the cold/hot water is delivered to each indoor terminal equipment through water pipes. The cold/hot water exchanges heat with the air at the end to This eliminates the cooling/heating load of room and water temperatures.

“Fluorine air conditioner”:The fluorine-based central air-conditioning system consists of an outdoor host and an indoor unit (fan coil unit). The refrigerant is used as the heat exchange medium. One host can deliver refrigerant to multiple indoor units through pipelines. By controlling the circulation volume of the refrigerant and The flow rate can adjust the individual’s demand for indoor temperature at any time.

system stability

Water air conditioner VS fluorine air conditioner

“Water Conditioner”:The outdoor unit completes all the processes of the refrigeration cycle and is a complete system; the indoor unit is only used for heat exchange, the two have a clear division of labor and do not interfere with each other, so the indoor unit or the outdoor unit can be modified independently.The “water air conditioning” system is more stable.

“Fluorine air conditioner”:The outdoor unit and the indoor unit together form a refrigeration system. When one of the indoor units fails, the balance of the entire system will be out of balance, affecting the program operation of other indoor units. Therefore, if the air conditioning system is to be modified, the indoor and outdoor units must be carried out at the same time, and maintenance is difficult. bigger.

System environmental protection

Water air conditioner VS fluorine air conditioner

“Water Conditioner”:The refrigerant is installed in the outdoor unit, and the heat is circulated through water in the room. Water is an environmentally friendly medium that will not pollute the environment and pose no safety hazard. The environmental protection of the water system central air conditioner is far better than that of the fluorine system.

“Fluorine air conditioner”:The medium in the indoor pipeline is the refrigerant Freon, which is destructive to the atmosphere and is the chief culprit of the greenhouse effect.

system security

Water air conditioner VS fluorine air conditioner

“Water Conditioner”:The water pressure of the central air-conditioning system of the water system will be debugged and controlled. The water pressure is low, and the possibility of leakage is extremely small.

“Fluorine air conditioner”:The refrigerant system of the fluorine-based central air conditioner is a high-pressure system, and the cold coal pipelines are all welded on site, so the risk of leakage is high. When the refrigerant leaks unfortunately, the damage to the interior decoration during the leak detection process is usually greater than the impact of the water system leak.

System comfort

Water air conditioner VS fluorine air conditioner

“Water Conditioner”:With water as the medium, the temperature drop of the cooling air supply is smaller, the air is softer, and it is more suitable for the suitable temperature difference that the human body can accept. It is less irritating to the body and has better comfort.

“Fluorine air conditioner”:The temperature drop of the cooling outlet air is large, and the dehumidification is serious. If you stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time, you are prone to dyspnea, cold, lethargy, dry skin and other discomforts, commonly known as “air-conditioning disease”.

From the above comparisons, it can be seen that –“Water Conditioner”It is more in line with the requirements of a healthy home, so villas, large flats, and star hotels will choose water air conditioning for cooling in summer.Juteng air energy water system central air conditioner can meet the needs of users who pursue comfort and enjoymentRelying on the start of the air energy heat pump, absorbing a large amount of free heat energy in the air for cooling, energy saving up to 75%, long-term operation costs are lower than “fluorine air conditioners”, and more cost-effective.

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