Wang Sicong was asked: How do you evaluate Cai Xukun?Wang Sicong’s answer made everyone laugh

For Wang Sicong, many people are positioned as the kind of rich second-generation, rich people, people who like to become Internet celebrities, and of course he is also an “entertainment discipline inspection committee member” who likes to tear up the entertainment industry.

Wang Sicong, who has always been high-profile in his daily life, will appear on Weibo’s hot searches every now and then. On weekdays, Wang Sicong’s frequent hot searches are because of some Internet celebrities and celebrities, just like the last time Wang Sicong only followed one before acting The new generation of beautiful actresses who have watched a movie are immediately on the trending list.

And Wang Sicong’s focus is also very high, not only because he is a rich second generation, but also because of his uprightness and daring to be angry about some things, he is liked by the public. Some time ago, in an interview, the media asked Wang Sicong a very bold question. A reporter asked Wang Sicong to comment on Cai Xukun?

To the reporter’s difficult question, Wang Sicong only answered 6 words, that is: skinny like a monkey. I have to say that this answer is very witty, because just commenting on the appearance and body shape of this traffic star is not commenting. His person, including his image in the eyes of individuals and the eyes of the audience, is a way to avoid the blame .

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