Unlock the best place for small private gatherings by the Bund, and enjoy the pure Italian style

Amorous Bund, old-fashioned gorgeous buildings, charming Western style

The new atmosphere of the Oriental Pearl Tower on the other side

In Shanghai 8? Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA

Experience the graceful style of Shanghai

Experience the unique old-world charm of The Bund and stunning views of the Pudong skyline at 8? Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai!

Row upon row of historical buildings on the Bund, with a strong western style, make the restaurants on the Bund a little more romantic and elegant.Good privacy and exquisite gourmet experience make Shanghai 8? Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA widely praised and make the restaurant a“It’s hard to find a house” An elegant place to hold small parties and birthday celebrations in the city

The Bund is world-renowned for its well-preserved late 19th and early 20th century buildings. Nestled among these historical landmarks is 8? Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai, the perfect location for
a small, elegant gatherings.

Shanghai 8? Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA is located on the top floor of the Shanghai Association for the Advancement of Historic Buildings.Whether you are dining by the window in the restaurant or dining in a private room, you can enjoy the river view and the iconic beauty of the Oriental Pearl Tower.

8? Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai is located on the top floor of the Associate Mission Building, which was built in 1923, facing the Oriental Pearl Tower. Whether you are in the main dining room or
in a private room, you can enjoy stunning views of the Huangpu River and the Oriental Pearl Tower.

restaurant ownedPrivate private rooms of different sizes that can accommodate 4-28 peoplethe private room presents a rich modern Italian style, with minimalist lines and calm and large tones, bringing a quiet and profound atmosphere to the space, without too much decoration, guests can use their imagination to the fullest and embellish your celebration with inspiration Activity.

8? Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai’s private dining rooms can accommodate groups of 4 to 28 people, boasting a modern Italian style with clean lines. This minimalist aesthetic is the perfect
backdrop for creating tailored event designs.

Shanghai 8 ?The rooftop terrace offers stunning views of the Pudong skyline and the Huangpu River. The roof terrace area can accommodate up to 150 guests. When holding a private party, guests can enjoy an aperitif or an after-dinner drink on the terrace while enjoying the wonderful scenery.

The rooftop terrace offers a spectacular view over the Pudong Skyline and the Huangpu River. It has an open terrace area with a capacity up to 150 guests standing. It linked with our Restaurant
private rooms, for an exclusive aperitivo or after dinner drinks.

Since its opening, the restaurant has become a venue for many celebrities, business elites, and social celebrities to hold public or private events. Michelin-starred dishes, professional and sophisticated services, and an elegant champagne cocktail bar can meet your various needs.

Since opened, 8? Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai has been the event venue of choice for many celebrities, business leaders, and influencers. The Michelin-starred menus, professional services, and
the elegant champagne and cocktail bar can meet the needs of various events.


High-quality gourmet experience combined with a private atmosphere

Let you enjoy the highlight moments in life in relaxation and comfort

Shanghai 8? Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA is waiting for you

Celebrate your life’s special moments in comfort and style at 8? Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai.

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