Trendy stickers and comfortable stickers: Inheriting the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, focusing on shoulders, neck, waist and legs, leading the trend of health preservation in the times

Plaster is an important part of motherland medicine, and it is one of the five major pharmaceutical dosage forms of traditional Chinese medicine – pill, powder, ointment, pill and soup. Plaster therapy is a unique traditional Chinese medicine external therapy in Chinese medicine. It has a history of two thousand years and is widely used in the treatment of various diseases, and is very popular among the people. It uses drugs to apply to the body surface or affected part of the patient, and through the absorption of drugs on the body surface and the passage of meridians, the drugs can activate blood circulation and remove stasis, promote muscle growth and relieve pain, dredge meridians and collaterals, open up the bones, and dispel wind and cold. function, so as to achieve a variety of therapeutic purposes.

With the improvement of national cultural self-confidence, traditional Chinese medicine health care is glowing with new vitality in the era of “health for all”.

A traditional Chinese medicine health care brand that responds to the situation

Modern young people look forward to being healthy but have no time, and want to keep in good health but find it troublesome, which has become a common pain point for contemporary “lazy” young people.

In order to better cater to young consumers who are chasing the trend and flaunting their individuality, Chaotie Shushuangtie began to adapt to the “lazy” health regimen of young people from the perspective of product concept, form, and packaging marketing. Starting from a variety of life scenarios such as self-driving, soothing sports, king’s blackout, e-sports and disco, it proposes corresponding repair solutions for young people’s shoulder and neck strain, back pain and other sub-health problems.

Lightweight and portable, wherever it hurts

Tide stickers and comfortable stickers are light and portable, and can be applied wherever it hurts. It is known as “the health care product that can be put in your pocket”.

Chaopie Shushuangpie adopts the method of purification of Chinese herbal medicine, and uses modern ointment technology to remove some volatile and irritating components in the medicine to ease the drug properties. The effect of wind invigorating blood circulation, dredging collaterals and relieving pain, not only has good air permeability, but also has a stronger drug loading, and contains the active ingredient of “bone-penetrating factor”, which can quickly penetrate into the cutin of the skin and quickly eliminate pain.

Tired all the year round, sitting for a long time, lumbar spine injury, etc., where there is pain, where to stick it, no need for professionals to operate, simple “tear one acupoint and one stick”, the effect of the medicine lasts for 8 hours, anti-allergic sticking design, stick it anytime, anywhere, The body feels more relaxed.

“Light health care” has become a new trend

For young people, rejecting cumbersome and complicated forms of health preservation is the first priority. In order to meet the needs of daily health preservation, the tide stickers are comfortable and comfortable to stick on the product design, and they are becoming more and more “light”. Integrating light health care into daily habits, life is health care, this kind of health care makes people feel simple, free and happy.

The “light health” advocated by Chaotie Tie is mainly reflected in two aspects: light and portable and affordable. Compared with traditional health care, “light health care” does not need to invest too much, and “light” health care can be achieved at a “light luxury” or even a relatively low price.

Chaotie Shushuangtie helps pain groups solve their physical and psychological burdens through product innovation, which is the key for Chaotie brand to open up the youth health care market. This not only caters to young people who pursue trends and flaunt their individuality, but also greatly alleviates the troubles of young people in terms of physical joint pain.

Empowering traditional Chinese medicine culture with technology, maintaining integrity and innovation, and creating more diversified products that meet the needs of the public are what Chaotie has been doing since its establishment.

In the future, Chao Tie Tie will always be committed to bringing conscientious products into the cultural life and spiritual world of more people, empowering the high-quality development of the big health industry with its own essence of traditional Chinese medicine, and rejuvenating the traditional Chinese medicine technology with new vitality for mankind. Escort of health and high-quality life.

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