Traveling in Yichun, Jiangxi, these two treasure spots brought us to Europe in minutes, and the photos are super beautiful

Midsummer, breeze, flowers, European castles, every word jumps into the eyes, which makes people feel romantic. In the midsummer season, I walked into Yichun, Jiangxi, and started a cool and comfortable summer trip. This time, I discovered during my trip to Yichun Two beautiful and artistic treasure tourist attractions allow us to travel to Europe in minutes.

Jiangxi Industrial Design Town

The summer breeze blows across the cheeks, and in the sunny afternoon, walk into Jiangxi Industrial Design Town and walk into the romantic European style. Jiangxi Industrial Design Town is located in Fengcheng City, Yichun City, covering an area of ​​260 mu. The first research and practice education camp with the theme of “design”, which contains a variety of experience items, which is very suitable for parent-child travel.

There are many pavilions with different themes in Jiangxi Industrial Design Town. They use detailed text and pictures to show us a variety of themed content. We can visit and check in one by one according to our hobbies.

I am very interested in the intangible cultural heritage design exhibition hall, which shows the intangible cultural heritage projects in Fengcheng, Yichun, Jiangxi, and provides a very intuitive and detailed introduction for us to understand the customs of a city.

When it comes to paper-cutting, everyone is familiar with it. Paper-cutting is a folk art. In the Tang Dynasty, the art of paper-cutting had entered a period of great development. Later, it has become an art for the whole people. They all have love from the bottom of their hearts. Fengcheng’s paper-cuts are of various designs and colors, which are very eye-catching.

Here, I also met primary school students who came to study. Under the guidance of professional teachers, they learned knowledge that could not be learned in books. The students worked together and participated in one thing together, which also cultivated their collective consciousness and Social practice ability is a very meaningful thing.

The blue sky and white clouds, the European-style castle, appear so romantic and beautiful in the lush greenery. Jiangxi Industrial Design Town can not only learn professional knowledge, but also a holy place for taking pictures and punching cards. You can take pictures of yourself in Europe every minute.

China Love Flower Town

Summer is a color, a cool summer breeze, blowing across the rippling lake, and fine sunlight sprinkled on the dense leaves. In the vibrant forest of China Love Flower Town, the breeze blows, and the coolness suddenly arises. Walking in it , relaxed and happy.

A small town named after love feels infinitely romantic when I think about it. China Love Flower Town is located at the Meilin Exit of Shanghai-Kunming Expressway (G60) in Fengcheng City, Jiangxi Province. The layout of the whole town is reasonable, with a flower and bird garden and a water curtain. Movies, Love Sea, Vitality Forest, Coconut Grove Midi BBQ Lawn, Crescent Bay Beach, Southern Botanical Ornamental Garden, Love Seafood Flower Castle Hotel, European Garden, Love Rose Garden, Miracle Garden and other scenic spots, from the perspective of aerial photography, it looks like a The fantastic castle is waiting for us to explore and reveal the secrets.

When you come to China’s Love Flower Town, everyone can transform into a princess in a fairy tale. The tall castle and the white Roman pillars are very beautiful at random.

Touring the town in a sightseeing car, I found that there are beautiful scenery everywhere. The main area of ​​the town, the World of Flowers, covers an area of ​​about 1,100 mu. Around the concept of “gardening makes life better”, water lilies, hydrangeas, roses, horsewhip Grass, let us wander in the ocean of flowers.

In the China Love Flower Town, there is also a non-powered paradise, suitable for adults and children to check in together, with a European-style castle as the background, and the photos taken are dreamy and cute.

Summer travel, I found my favorite poetry and romance in Yichun, Jiangxi. The European style here is a happy post for all those who love life. There is no age limit here. As long as you have a childlike heart, you can find your childhood here.

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