The work of the graduates of the China Academy of Art won the gold medal. The painting style is so weird that people can’t see it.

As the saying goes, “a layman watches the fun, an insider watches the doorway”, only those who know how to do it can have more “right to speak”, especially the art students are called the contemporary “magic pen Ma Liang”, in their pens, all kinds of Such works are also vivid.

Quality education is being promoted more and more, and the number of art students is increasing year by year. Especially in the eyes of some parents, art students are equivalent to “taking shortcuts”. They can choose not only art colleges, but also ordinary colleges. But for students ,Also put in double or more effort.

Moreover, each student’s artistic talent is different, and there is a big gap in comprehension ability.Especially art students, it is far from enough to copy and sketchYou also need to have your own unique personal style and brushstrokes, so that you can “take yourself to the next level”!

The work of the graduates of the China Academy of Art won the gold medal. The painting style is so weird that people can’t see it.

It’s another graduation season, and seniors have to bid farewell to their alma mater and classmates, but the premise of farewell is to successfully pass the graduation thesis and graduation defense, especially the graduation project and works of the students are also very important.If the work is excellent, you may even get awards from the school.

China Academy of Art is called “China Academy of Art” for short.The graduates of the oil painting department of the school also exhibited their graduation works.Especially the gold medal work, titled “Parents”but caused quite a bit of controversy.

Looking at the works of the graduates again, the couple in the painting are sitting on one left and one on the right,The father sits on a deck chair in just a pair of shorts while the mother wears a pink top with a pair of white pantsis also a very common image of a middle-aged couple.

However, if you look closely at your father, you will find that,Big “beer belly”, and rough and dark arms and face caused by years of hard work, especially the “white top and black bottom” of the armsis also like an obvious dividing line, which is in line with the imprint of wearing half-sleeves in summer.

But looking at the painting style again, it becomes more and more weird, which is too unnatural.Especially the image of the father is more like a “big frog”. What does this mean?

Netizens also bluntly said,It’s meaningless to have skills in vain, it’s purely for “showing off skills”! Some netizens said that the facial lines are too unnatural, and the weird style of painting is also confusing. Some netizens even said bluntly:If you don’t know how to pretend to understand, you can win the gold medal just like this?

And the work of the graduates of the China Academy of Art won the gold medal. In my opinion,If you can do it, you can do it, if you can’t, learn to “shut up”!After all, we are all adults. Talking less is self-cultivation, and shutting up is wisdom. Don’t you understand such a simple truth?? What’s more, there must be a reason for people to get the gold award. It’s not that you say it’s not good-looking, but it’s really not good-looking.Is it possible that you can still represent the judges’ opinions?

Beauty and ugliness are not the only criteria for judging art. Art students need to maintain their individuality and not be “defined”

“In the eyes of a thousand people, there will be a thousand Hamlets”.Everyone’s artistic standards are different, and they also have different views and understandings of the “beauty and ugliness” of a workbut in the eyes of an insider, it can often have a deeper interpretation.

Art students also need to keep a clear mind, not be influenced by the words of the outside world, and “if there is something, change it if there is nothing, then encourage it”Sincere suggestions should be listened to appropriately, and excessive accusations don’t matter,Strive to “take the essence and discard the dross”,Only then can we better improve ourselves.

the author thinks,Different ways do not seek each other, the painting style may be weird in your eyes, but it is an excellent work in the eyes of others, this is precisely the gap between yourself and the “great god”but art students should also be more “grounded”, after all, art is not a “ground house”, and art students should choose their favorite direction to go!

Although the scope of employment for art students is narrow, mentality is the key. Students should not find the wrong focus

After graduation, art students can not only engage in professional trades, such as painters, designers, fashion designers, etc., but also engage in education,Being an art teacher is also a good choice.You can also open art classes, studios, etc.but if you don’t engage in related industries, you can also choose self-media and other directions, which is also a good “outlet”.

Although many college students choose to apply for postgraduate entrance examination after graduation, the postgraduate entrance examination for art students is of little significancealthough you can continue to study in your favorite major, your employment will still be restricted after graduation, and you may also have the mentality of “you can’t get high enough to get low”.Therefore, postgraduate education is not only one’s own “chip”, but also one’s own “stumbling block”.

Art students should also plan their employment direction reasonably and have clear and firm goalswhether you continue to paint or other industries, etc., you must have a distinctive artistic style, and don’t let down your hard work.What’s more, everyone’s aesthetic point of view is different, and there will be praises and slanders, which is also a very realistic problem.

write at the end: Twisted melons will not be sweet, not everyone can “empathize”,And the works created by art students do not need to seek the approval of more people, as long as they are worthy of their own efforts and effortsAfter all, “the truth is often in the hands of a few people”!

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