The Wizard of Oz, hidden in Yichun, Jiangxi, is quiet and quiet, with one scene at a time, very suitable for summer escape

At the beginning of midsummer, I always want to find a cool place to spend a slow time leisurely. This summer, I came to Yichun, Jiangxi, and walked into the Gezao Mountain of camphor trees. It is also an elegant thing in life to search for mountains and ask questions. In the early morning, I walked along the winding mountain road, looking for the green secret hidden in Gezao Mountain.

The mountain wind dissipates the heat, and the summer is long. The green Gezao Mountain is a famous mountain in Yichun, Jiangxi Province. It is located on County Road 601, Zhangshu City, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province. Gezao Mountain is famous for its Taoist culture and Chinese medicine history and culture. , In midsummer, walking on the cool path in the mountains, there are flowing springs and waterfalls along the way, birds singing and flowers scenting, this way of travel, the coolness suddenly arises.

The location of Gezao Mountain is very good. It is located in the middle of the entire Jiangxi Province. The altitude of the whole mountain is not high, only more than 800 meters. In summer, local people like to come to the mountain for a walk.

Gezao Mountain is a mountain with a story, and its landscape is very rich. The main attractions are Yitianmen, Mingshui Bridge, Dawanshou Chongzhen Palace, and Ziyang Academy. The time dates back to the seventh year of Jian’an in the Eastern Han Dynasty (strictly speaking, it should be the period of the Three Kingdoms), where Ge Xuan, a Taoist, learned Taoism and practiced truth, and built an altar and a stove in the “Woyun Nunnery” in the mountains. Later, it evolved into Dawanshou Chongzhen Palace. Zaoshan became the ancestral home of the Lingbao School of Taoism. Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty once came here, and Yucige Zaoshan was the 33rd blessed place in the world.

Gezao Mountain has a quiet environment and rich vegetation. Here I also met a thousand-year-old ancient pine tree. In the long years, after wind and rain, it is still full of vitality.

All the way to the flat place of Gezao Mountain, an antique Taoist temple appeared before our eyes. Gezao Mountain, Yingtan Longhu Mountain, and Nanjing Maoshan Mountain are also known as the three holy places of Taoism in China, and together with Quanzhen Taoism in the north The sect of Chinese Taoism.

The benevolent Leshan, the wise enjoy the water. Gezao Mountain is a good place for summer vacation. The flowing water is quiet and quiet, and the breeze in the mountains blows the hot anxiety. At this moment, let us slow down the pace of travel and enjoy the mountains and forests. wild interest.

Zhangshu City is a beautiful place with profound historical and cultural heritage and charming natural scenery. It is located in the central part of Jiangxi Province and has very rich tourism resources. After walking the famous Taoist Mountain Gezao Mountain, let’s go to Sanhuangli Historic District. There are the most The human life of fireworks.

Food in all directions is nothing more than a bowl of human fireworks. Sanhuangli historical and cultural district, antique red lanterns, and Ming and Qing architectural styles present us the style of the thousand-year-old camphor tree city. This is also a place that locals like to come to.

On the brightly lit streets, those words with Internet celebrity elements have become a landscape that people like to check in. Every time I walk a place, I like to go to places full of fireworks, looking for locals’ favorite snacks and shopping malls City, I always feel that only in this way can I get closer to the life of the local people and feel the customs of a city at a close distance.

After night falls, the historical and cultural district of Sanhuangli is still exciting and lively. In addition to shopping and tasting local specialties, we can also enjoy the rich leisure life of the local people here. The beautiful scenery and this kind of entertainment are novel and interesting.

Traveling is a process of continuous discovery. The distant mountains and misty waves, the late moon and the cool breeze, and the fireworks in the world are gentle and bright. My trip to Yichun camphor tree has an unusual meaning because of these subtle and moving moments.

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