The United States wants to land on the back of the moon and asks to borrow a Chinese satellite. Do you want to borrow it?

Background introduction: Exploration and problems on the far side of the moon

Since humans first set foot onMoonsince, yesMoonThe exploration of the back has become a new challenge for human beings to explore the universe.However, due to the Earth-Moontidal lockingcharacteristics, leading toMoonThe back side has been unable to be directly observed, known as the “dark place”.The problem isChinese Spaceflightscience and technologygroupChang’enumber four andQueqiao relay satellitewas resolved after a successful login.Queqiao relay satelliteIt is sent to the halo orbit of the second Lagrangian point of the Earth and the Moon, and the communication with the Earth plays a key role.

This time NASA plans to launch an unmanned probe to land in 2026Moonback, but due toMoonThe problem of blocking signal transmission, NASA requested to borrow China’sQueqiao relay satelliteto achieve communication. The request sparked widespread attention and discussion about how the issue should be handled.

The meaning behind NASA’s request to borrow the Queqiao relay satellite

1. Strengthen international cooperation and promote the development of aerospace science and technology

existspace explorationIn the great journey ofinternationalityCollaboration has been the driving force. NASA requests to borrow ChineseQueqiao relay satelliteshowing that both sides are exploringMoonback andaerospaceareas of common interest.This cooperation not only helps to strengthen the relationship between the two countriesscience and technologyexchanges and cooperation, but also to promote the globalAerospace Science and Technologydevelopment of.

Extension:internationalityCooperation can not only promoteAerospace Science and TechnologyThe development of the field also helps to explore space on a wider scale. Cooperation can share resources and experience, achieve complementary advantages, and promote technological innovation and breakthroughs. Through cooperation, not only can we jointly overcome technical difficulties, but also reduce risks and costs, and improve the success rate of missions. NASA requests to borrow ChineseQueqiao relay satelliteis adhering to such a concept, throughinternationalityway of cooperationaerospacecareer development.

2. Emphasize the importance and advantages of China’s aerospace technology

Queqiao relay satelliteThe success of the operation demonstrates China’saerospaceGreat strength and achievements in the field of the only one able to achieveMoonRelay for communications between the back and EarthsatelliteMagpie Bridge becameinternationalityaerospacefocus of the world.The United States has asked China to borrow the Magpie Bridge, which shows its respect for China.Chinese SpaceflightTechnology recognition and attention.

Extension: ChineseaerospaceTechnology has developed with great success over the past few years.fromChang’eone toChang’eThe successful landing of No. 4, China’saerospacetechnology inMoonThe field of detection has been at the forefront of the world.In particular, the successful operation of the Queqiao No.MoonBackside communication problem leads to new solution, gaininginternationalityrecognition and praise.The request to borrow the Queqiao not only reflects theChinese SpaceflightThe importance and advantages of technology, but also to theChinese SpaceflightAn affirmation and praise of the cause.

3. Reflections and challenges to the US “Wolf Clause”

Since 2011, the U.S. “WolfeThe terms expressly prohibit any form of cooperation between NASA and China.aerospacecooperate. However, the United States’ request to China to borrow the Queqiao this time partly reflects doubts about this clause.This has also triggered people’s thinking and reflection on the bill, whether relevant policies should be adjusted to better promoteinternationalityaerospaceCooperation and development.

Extension: United StatesWolfeThe implementation of the Articles limits the relationship with ChinaaerospaceCollaboration, possibly limited by NASA, etc.internationalityaerospaceExchange and cooperation opportunities between the institution and China.However, ininternationalityIn the context of cooperation,aerospaceBusiness has no national boundaries, through the developmentinternationalitycooperation, can speed upaerospaceThe development and advancement of technology. This has also led to theWolfeArticles of thinking and questioning, whether it should be based on actual needs andinternationalityCooperate with trends and make adjustments and corrections accordingly.For the United States to request China to borrow a relaysatelliteThe move can be seen as a response to the “WolfeA reflection and challenge of the Articles.

China Responds to U.S. Requests: Adhere to Principles and Open Cooperation

The chief designer of China’s lunar exploration project said that our big country must have the attitude and tolerance of a big country, and these requests made by the United States to our country can be resolved.This shows that China’sinternationalityThe open attitude of cooperation also shows theChinese Spaceflightconfident and inclusiveinternationalityimage. However, whether to agree to the request of the United States should be based on equality, mutual benefit and specific conditions.

Extension:Chinese SpaceflightCareer development is inseparable frominternationalityCollaborate and communicate.As a big country, in the face ofinternationalityWhen cooperating, we must maintain an open attitude, and at the same time stick to our principles and bottom line.with other countriesaerospaceCooperation, we must adhere to the principle of equality and mutual benefit to ensure fair and reasonable cooperation. When responding to the request of the United States, China should carefully consider and evaluate its own interests and the specific conditions of cooperation to ensure the smooth progress of cooperation.Only on the basis of equality, mutual benefit, respect and understanding can Sino-US cooperation be able to achieve success and provideaerospaceMake greater contributions to career development.

Speculation and summary:

Faced with the issue of the United States requesting China to borrow the Queqiao, we need to fully evaluate the pros, cons and conditions, and make decisions based on principles and the bottom line.internationalitycooperation is to promoteaerospaceThe key to career development, through cooperation with other countries, resources and experience can be shared and greater breakthroughs can be achieved. At the same time, we must also safeguard our own interests and dignity, and ensure fairness and equality in cooperation.Regardless of the final decision, the incident highlightsChinese SpaceflightThe strong strength and advanced nature of the business have established a good reputation for us.internationalityimage.existaerospaceOn the road of career, we need to strengthen our confidence, keep an open mind, pursue greater development and breakthroughs, and realize our cosmic dream.

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