The two princes of Dong Lianjun have hidden four masters: they can kill Hua Xiong, and the two can defeat Lu Bu together

Eighteen princes joined forces to challenge Dong Zhuo. Because Liu Bei, the county magistrate of Pingyuan, was one level lower, he could not sit on an equal footing with those eighteen people. At first, he could only stand behind Gongsun Zan, until Cao Cao discovered his sneer. After asking and answering, Yuan Shaocai Give the last seat:“Since you belong to the sect of the Han Dynasty, take your seat. I don’t respect you as a famous noble, but I respect you as the ear of the emperor’s family.”

The princes from all walks of life who challenged Dong Lianjun were either state shepherds or county guards. The county magistrate Liu Bei was not conspicuous among them, but it was his second brother Guan Yu who beheaded Hua Xiong at Sishui Pass. Laoguan defeated Lu Bu Lu Fengxian, who had a red rabbit horse under his crotch and Fang Tian painted a halberd in his hand.

The Taoyuan brothers won both battles, but the Dong Lianjun did not take Sishui Pass and Hulao Pass in one go. Dong Zhuo calmly burned Luoyang and took Liu Xie, the emperor of the Han Dynasty, to Chang’an. The Eastern Han Dynasty has not lived up to its name.

The name Liu Xie is not good. At the beginning, he was held hostage by Dong Zhuo. After Dong Zhuo died, he was led by Li Jue and Guo Si to run around. In the end, it was Cao Cao who “held the emperor to order the princes”. He has never escaped a “hold” in his life. Words——If Yuan Shao was the leader of the coalition forces and captured Sishui Pass and Hulao Pass, Dong Zhuo might be besieged in Luoyang, and there would not be so many troubles later.

In fact, except Cao Cao, the “General Xingfenwu” who has no territory, the other seventeen princes have their own little calculations: Only when Dong Zhuo is alive can the world be in chaos, and they can take advantage of the chaos to eat small fish. Once they become boat-swallowing whales , You can stand on your own on behalf of the Han Dynasty.

If we take a closer look at “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, we will find that most of the eighteen princes are preserving their strength and can pinch each other internally, but they can never fight Dong Zhuo desperately. What Yuan Shao said is the most shameless:“It’s a pity that my generals Yan Liang and Wen Chou haven’t arrived! If there is only one person here, why be afraid of Hua Xiong!”

It is estimated that Cao Cao also sneered: If you don’t bring Yan Liangwen Chou to the front line, aren’t you planning to use them to take over Han Fu’s lair?

Sun Jian rushed into Luoyang and harvested the Jade Seal of Chuanguo. Cao Cao chased Dong Zhuo and was cut off all over his head. Han Fu made Gongsun Zan into a barbecue again.

Cao Cao composed a song “Walking in Haoli” in anger:“There are righteous men in the Kanto region, and they raised troops to fight against the gangsters. In the early days, they were allied with Tianjin, but their hearts were in Xianyang. The army was not well coordinated, and they hesitated and walked wildly. Snobbery makes people fight, and the heirs kill each other.”

Cao Cao’s poem expresses the true state of mind of the princes: Everyone hides the generals to preserve their strength in order to gain an advantage in the annexation war.

General Pan Feng of Han Fu, the governor of Jizhou, was beheaded by Hua Xiong, Mu Shun, the prefect of Shangdang Zhang Yang, and Wu Anguo, the prefect of Beihai Kong Rong, were killed and injured by Lu Bu. The site, that Gongsun Zan who was chased by Lu Bu to the point of despair, did not beat Yuan Shao in the end, so he had to set a fire and burn himself.

The Taoyuan brothers became famous in two battles, paving the way for future hegemony in the world, and the four generals who were hid by the princes have also become powerful figures in the world-if these four people appear in the Allied Army against Dong, everyone will be shocked. To be able to kill Hua Xiong, the two of them joined forces, and it was enough to defeat Lu Bu.

When mentioning these four generals who were excommunicated by Dong Zhuhou Xuezang, the first thing that readers think of is naturally Yuan Shao’s words: Yan Liang, Wen Chou can kill Hua Xiong.

Yuan Shao really likes to talk big things, but Yan Liang Wen Chou’s ability to kill Hua Xiong is not an exaggeration: Xu Huang’s martial arts are comparable to Xu Chu Dianwei’s, but in front of Yan Liang, he can’t even handle twenty moves. He hadn’t beaten Wen Chou either. If Guan Yu, who was riding a red rabbit horse, hadn’t arrived in time, Xu Huang would have been poked a transparent hole by Wen Chou from his back to his chest.

Yan Liang Wenchou’s martial arts are far superior to those of Cao Ying’s generals. Yan Liang hacked to death Wei Xu and Song Xian, one of Lv Bu’s eight strong generals, with four swords. Martial arts, one level lower than Yan Liang.

Yan Liangwen Chou’s martial arts is much higher than that of Xu Huang and Xu Chu. If Guan Yu hadn’t been quick to kill them, he would have to fight at least 300 rounds if he wanted to kill them.

Cao Ying’s six generals (Xu Chu, Dianwei, Xiahoudun, Xiahouyuan, Li Dian, and Le Jin) can beat Lu Bu away, and Yan Liangwenchou teamed up to defeat Lu Bu, there should be no problem.

Yuan Shao, as the leader of the allied army against Dong Zhuo, refused to let any one of his “Hebei Sitingzhu (the other two are Zhang He Gaolan)” fight: if he wins, Dong Zhuo is gone, and the seventeen families will not listen to me If you lose, you are gone, and it will be easy for the seventeen families to beat me.

With the same idea as Yuan Shao, there is also Ma Teng from Xiliang (Ma Teng and Dong Zhuo are in the same group in the official history, we are based on “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” today, or treat him as a prince against Dong).

Calculated according to time, Ma Chao died of illness in the second year of Zhang Wu (222) at the age of forty-seven. When the allied forces challenged Dong in the first year of Chuping (190), Ma Chao was already sixteen years old.

The ancient people were relatively precocious: Qin Wuyang became famous at the age of thirteen, and no one dared to disobey him; Those who are unhappy, all will be killed. Seventeen or eighteen are good thieves, and they kill when they go into battle.” That was when he joined the Wagang Army at the age of seventeen and became a general of one side; Yue Yun officially joined the army at the age of twelve. “Iron vertebrae” are invincible.

Ma Teng hid his strength in the coalition army. In the second year, when the Ma family army fought against the remnants of Dong Zhuo alone, Ma Chao finally let Ma Chao go:Ma Chao, the son of Ma Teng, named Mengqi, was seventeen years old and brave and invincible. Wang Fang bullied him when he was young, so he jumped on his horse to fight. After less than a few rounds of fighting, he was stabbed under the horse by Ma Chao. “

Ma Chao was only seventeen years old when he stabbed Wang Fang to death and captured Li Meng alive. Later, he killed Cao Cao in Tongguan, cut off his beard and discarded his robe, exhausted Xu Chu from his armor, and beat Zhang Fei into darkness at Jiameng Pass. With the strength to kill Huaxiong, even if he can’t come and go like the wind like Guan Yu and come back to drink warm wine, the time it takes to kill Huaxiong will not be too long.

There is no problem with Ma Chao killing Hua Xiong. If he joins forces with another general who has been hidden by the snow to defeat Lu Bu, there should be no problem, because that general is the second-ranked ever-victorious general Zhao Yun Zhao Zilong among the “Twenty-Four Generals of the Three Kingdoms” .

Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan hid Zhao Yun in the snow, probably because they were blind to gold and jade. According to the time calculation, when the allied forces challenged Dong in the first year of Chuping, Zhao Yun should have been in Yuan Shao’s army. Self introduction:The people under Yuan Shao’s command, because they saw that Shao had no heart to be loyal to the emperor and save the people, so they abandoned him and joined him. “

We can also calculate the age of Zhao Yun in the first year of Chuping according to the description in “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”: Zhuge Liang first came out of Qishan in the fifth year of Jianxing (227). How big it was in 190 years is too big to be believed.

Even if Zhao Yun was only in his early sixties when he killed Hande, he should have been in his early twenties when he defected to Yuan Shao or Gongsun Zan. It was a big mistake for Yuan Shao not to take him to attack Dong Zhuo.

Zhao Yun seemed to be invincible all over the world in the middle of the Three Kingdoms period. Zhang Yun Xu Huang’s liver trembled when he saw him. Even if calculated based on the combat power of the Battle of Panhe, Zhao Yun should have no problem beheading Hua Xiong. He teamed up with Ma Chao, and Lu Bu also Will be beaten to the ground.

Combining the achievements of Yan Liang, Wen Chou, Ma Chao, and Zhao Yun in “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, we seem to be sure: these four generals all had the strength to kill Hua Xiong in the first year of Chuping. Lu Bu has no problem either. If Zhao Yun joins hands with Yan Liangwen Chou, whether Lu Bu can escape is the biggest question.

Of course, it is just a guess to say that these four generals were hidden in the snow. Our topic is of course based on guesswork, so whether Ma Chao could mount a horse and hold a gun back then, and whether Zhao Yun was in Yuan Shao’s army, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is this one or two questions: Yan Liang, Wen Chou, Ma Chao, and Zhao Yun, who were challenged by Yuan Shao and Ma Teng, the two princes of the Dong Lianjun Xuezang, were singled out by Hua Xiong. How many rounds will it take to resolve the battle? If they join forces in two, can they surpass the Taoyuan brothers Liu Guanzhang in combat power? They swarmed up, could they kill Lu Bu in Hulao?

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