The “twins” of the earth were discovered, with mountains and water!Scientists: There may be “people” living

Human beings are eager to find a “second earth” has become more and more powerful.

In the past 50 years, human science and technology have made great progress, and the application of high-end technology in the aerospace field has reached a new height. The development of science and technology, in addition to bringing convenience to human beings, is more about the destruction of the environment and irreparable damage to the ecology. The earth’s ecological environment continues to deteriorate, and natural disasters such as major floods, major fires, major wind disasters, major earthquakes, mudslides, and landslides frequently occur. Some people say that on the one hand, human beings are destroying the earth they live on, and on the other hand, they are eager to find another habitable planet.

In 2015, NASA detected Kepler-452b using the transit method. The planet, which is five times the mass of Earth and has a similar revolution period to Earth, is located in a region called the “habitable zone,” which is neither too close nor too far from the star, where the temperature of the star and Moderately bright enough to sustain liquid water. The reason why Kepler-452b has attracted the attention of mankind is that it may have the basic conditions for the birth of life.

Scientists have discovered that the planet Kepler 452b has key elements suitable for life, such as water sources, mountains and trees. A large number of rocks and metals, as well as plasma gas, were found on the surface of the planet. The existence of these elements implies that there may be an atmosphere on Kepler 452b, which is beneficial to protect living things from the external environment. For humans, the discovery of Kepler 452b is of great significance.

First of all, it provides hope and motivation for human beings to explore the universe and search for extraterrestrial life. The Kepler project is dedicated to searching the universe for Earth-like planets, and the discovery of Kepler 452b shows that the mission is not in vain. Secondly, studying the environment and geological structure of Kepler-452b can help us better understand the natural science of the earth, so as to better protect and utilize the earth’s resources.

Kepler 452b is an exoplanet about 1,400 light-years away from Earth. It is considered a planet that may harbor life. So, how did scientists discover this planet? In fact, humans have discovered that planets in distant galaxies can be detected and observed in a variety of ways. At present, the main detection methods are radial velocity method, transit method and direct imaging method. The radial velocity method reveals the evidence of the existence of planets by measuring the frequency change of the star as it moves around the center of mass; the transit law observes that when a planet looks from the earth to other stars, it will cause the star’s luminosity to decrease to a certain extent It can prove the existence of planets; and the direct imaging method uses telescopes to observe the light of stars reflected by planets outside the solar system, thus discovering planets.

Kepler-452b demonstrates the possibilities that technological advances have brought to humanity. At the beginning of the 20th century, humans could only explore the universe through telescopes, but now, we have used a variety of advanced technologies to send probes to more distant galaxies for detection. This shows that the advancement of science and technology has continuously improved human beings’ knowledge and understanding of the world around them, which is helpful to promote the continuous advancement of human civilization.

In short, the discovery of Kepler-452b has aroused the attention and expectations of mankind, showing the infinite possibilities of the universe, which will also inspire us to work harder to explore the outer space and dig out the secrets of the universe.

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