“The title of number one in the world actually taught a lunatic to get it”

In Jin Yong’s “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, Ouyang Feng defeated Huang Yaoshi, Hong Qigong and Guo Jing in the second Huashan sword battle, but after this battle, the martial arts recognized Guo Jing as the king of the world.

As for the actual winner, Ouyang Feng, the author made a conclusive conclusion through Huang Yaoshi’s ironic exclamation: “The title of the best martial arts in the world can be taught to a lunatic.”

Ouyang Feng was able to defeat the three masters, precisely because he was crazy. He practiced the “Nine Yin False Meridians” so that his meridians flowed backwards, and he gradually lost his mind under Huang Rong’s deliberate misleading.

So, during the martial arts competition, he foamed at Hong Qigong, bit Huang Yaoshi’s fingers, even slapped himself, and crawled on the ground like a dog, which made his opponent not only stunned, but even upset.

Huang Yaoshi and Hong Qigong, as martial arts masters, naturally would rather admit defeat than use magic to defeat magic.

It can be said that the lunatic won the first place in the world is a satirical historical and cultural fable, which sharply criticizes the popular historical view of princes and generals who are kings and losers.

Obviously, most Chinese people agree with this logic. As long as a person can become the number one, no matter what method he uses, it is reasonable and reasonable. No poison, no husband”…

But in Jin Yong’s eyes, such behavior is tantamount to going against the law. Ouyang Feng practiced the Nine Yin False Meridians so that the meridians go backwards, which is just such a metaphor.

Ouyang Feng avenged Hong Qigong’s kindness. In order to obtain the “Nine Yin Scriptures”, he even did not hesitate to become Wanyan Honglie’s eagle dog. Everything he did did not match his status as a martial arts master.

Even, Jin Yong vilified Ouyang Feng through a series of comedy plots, including falling into Huang Rong’s trap in the Western Regions, falling into a pit and pouring water to form an ice man, and being lured up to the snow-capped mountains, he was forced to go nude. Homemade parachute jumping…

In history, many victors actually won the final victory through perverse means. Just like in “Shooting the Condors”, Ouyang Feng, a fictional character in the rivers and lakes, forms a parallel contrast with the real historical figure Genghis Khan. In order to obtain the supreme position in the world, Genghis Khan resorted to military action, causing people to suffer and the people to live in dire straits.

However, Jin Yong mentioned in the novel that “the great man is for the country and the people”, which obviously puts forward extremely high moral requirements for the strong.

You can also see that in the Jianghu structure constructed in The Legend of the Condor Heroes, the truly recognized strong may not necessarily win the first place in the competition.

Zhong Shentong Wang Chongyang won the first prize in the Huashan Discussion of Swords twenty-five years ago. However, after he obtained the “Nine Yin Manual”, it was not for the purpose of practicing to improve martial arts, but to prevent Ouyang Feng from being so keen on The generation of fame and fortune in the martial arts will harm the martial arts after practicing.

At the same time, Wang Chongyang also took the initiative to exchange his innate skills for Master Yideng’s Yiyang Finger before the interim, hoping that Master Yideng’s martial arts would be improved and he would be more confident in restraining Ouyang Feng.

Therefore, Wang Chongyang participated in Huashan Discussion of Swords and won the “Nine Yin Scriptures”, not for fame and fortune, nor for practicing martial arts, but for maintaining peace in the martial arts world and even the world, thus surpassing the superficial competition for fame and fortune. With a broad heart in mind, Wang Chongyang is a real hero in Jin Yong’s eyes.

But in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, the real heroes may not be as arrogant as Wang Chongyang in martial arts.

Many readers have asked, why are the Seven Monsters of the South of the Yangtze River mediocre in martial arts and have a very high status in the world?

This shows that in Jin Yong’s Jianghu, the recognition of chivalry is based on the spirit of chivalry, not the level of martial arts.Although the martial arts of the Jiangnan Seven Monsters are low, but they promise a thousand gold, act chivalrously, and regard death as home, so they have gained a very high reputation in the arena, and even have the right to speak in the arena that obviously does not match the martial arts.

This kind of praise for the chivalrous spirit of mortals is similar to the praise of Baojiang and Baoyazhen in “Kung Fu”.

If chivalry is only based on the level of martial arts, then chivalry will become the privilege of a very small number of people. However, the improvement of the overall spiritual and moral level of society obviously requires the majority of people to have righteousness in their hearts.

The seven monsters in the south of the Yangtze River actually project ordinary people like you and me.

In contrast, although Huang Yaoshi, Old Urchin and Master Yideng are masters of martial arts, they cannot be called real heroes in the author’s eyes.

Jin Yong also said this through Qiu Chuji’s mouth: “Huang Yaoshi’s behavior is weird. Although he is cynical and has unspeakable pain in his heart, he does things on his own and seldom considers others. I don’t take that. Ouyang Feng does a lot of evil. Needless to say. Emperor Duan is kind and generous. If the king came to one side, he could have benefited the common people, but because of his own petty grievances, he retreated from the world and lived in seclusion. He is not a benevolent person. Only the leader of Hong’s gang acts chivalrously and helps the poor. I admire him so much. Huashan’s second sword debate is coming soon, even if there is someone who is better than Gangzhu Hong in martial arts, but all the heroes in the world will respect Gangzhu Hong as the number one person in the martial arts today.”

However, it is precisely because heroes pay too much attention to chivalry, they are often not opponents of villains whose martial arts are close. After all, villains are often easy to break through the bottom line to gain an excess advantage.

With chivalry in his heart, Hong Qigong went to rescue Ouyang Feng, but the latter retaliated his kindness with revenge, so that Hong Qigong lost all his martial arts.

In the Spring and Autumn Period, Song Xianggong lined up his formation in the Battle of Hongshui, but he refused to take the lead in attacking his opponents who had not crossed the river: “A gentleman does not kill an enemy who has been injured, nor does he capture an enemy with gray hair. Although a widow is not talented, he cannot Attack an opponent who is not ready.”

In the eyes of modern people, this can be said to be pedantic and stupid, but the wars in the Spring and Autumn Period are similar to contemporary sports competitions. As the American scholar Huang Renyu said in “Talking about Chinese History by the Huxon River”: “The war of vehicles in the Spring and Autumn Period , is a kind of aristocratic war, sometimes viewed as a competition, there are certain procedures for setting up formations, and there are generally recognized principles for fighting, which is inseparable from the constraints of etiquette.”

When the rules become a consensus, Song Xianggong is naturally not the only one who has shame. Just like a group of pedestrians waiting for the red light to turn green, even if no car crosses the zebra crossing, no one has the nerve to run the red light in full view.

In modern sports, a truly athletic player will pick up a fallen opponent and actively throw the ball out of bounds when the opponent is injured and knocked down. This is the respect for the rules and the bottom line from the heart.

And once the rules and the bottom line are broken to obtain excess returns, the competitive game becomes a war of the jungle governed by the law of the jungle.Some players won victories through disgraceful means through small actions, walking, cheating fouls, and even criminals hurting their opponents.

But obviously, people who are obsessed with fame and fortune often believe in “those who achieve great things don’t care about small things.”

Just like Murong Fu, in order to restore the country and become the emperor, he did not hesitate to join hands with You Tanzhi and Ding Chunqiu to fight Xiao Feng, and even worshiped Duan Tingqing as his godfather.

When he and You Tanzhi attacked Xiao Feng, Murong Fu thought this way: “Rejuvenation is more important than fame. If I can remove this great harm from the Central Plains Wulin for the heroes of the world, then the heroes of the Song Dynasty, no matter what they know or don’t know. , Naturally, I am grateful to me. It seems that I am the leader of the martial arts alliance. At that time, with a wave of arms, Dayan’s recovery can be expected. What’s more, Qiao Feng was dead at that time, even if Nan Murong ‘It’s not as good as ‘North Qiaofeng’, and it’s just a past event.”

In Jin Yong’s eyes, such a person is obviously a lunatic, not a normal person. After all, normal people have a bottom line, abide by certain moral and social norms, and maintain a self-consistent balance in their hearts.

In contrast, a lunatic only has victory in his eyes, and he will do anything for it. Like Liu Bang, he even pushed his own children out of the car in order to make the car lighter when he escaped. How can this be done by a normal person? On the contrary, his general Xia Houying couldn’t bear it, and pulled his children into the car again.

Compared with this, Genghis Khan massacred the city crazily during the process of conquest and unification, like the massacre of Samarkand in the novel, which was recorded in the history books as more than one million people, which is even more crazy to the point of horror.

Sadly, the history of princes and generals who have succeeded and failed is often written one after another by this kind of lunatics who will do whatever they can to succeed. After they ascend to the supreme position, it is naturally easy to tamper with people’s memory through the right to speak.

Although, behind every king who ascended to the supreme position and successfully cleansed himself to appear like a normal person, there are countless lunatics who are insane and fend for themselves in the cold palace.

However, the real chivalrous man has been forgotten in the nooks and crannies of the pages of history.

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