The three major goddesses of Taoism, Jiutian Xuannv is known as the sect of Taoism and talismans, and all Taoists should pay homage to Xuannv

Taoism has always advocated the equality of men and women. The so-called all things bear yin and embrace yang, and solitary yin does not grow, and solitary yang does not grow.

“Taiping Jing” says: “In everything in the world, one yin and one yang are able to grow and support each other. If one yang does not give birth, one yin is empty and empty, and there is nothing to nourish; one yin cannot be transformed, and one yang can have nothing to do. Shi Shengtong also.”

In Taoism, the female crown is called Kun Dao, and the male crown is called Qian Dao.

This is from the ancient book “Yi”

The way of Kun, the earth, and all feminine ways, women are the earth, the mother of all things!

The dry way, the sky, and all masculine ways, the man is the sky, the order of all things!

In the Taoist ideal of immortals, female immortals have the same or similar status as male immortals, and female crowns (kun dao) can directly become immortals just like male Taoist priests.

Therefore, in the nervous system of Taoism, there are many female gods with high status.

Today, I will take stock of the three top goddesses of Taoism for everyone.

First place, Nine Heavens Xuannv

Nine Heavens Xuannv originated from ancient myths, and was later absorbed and inherited by Taoism. In ancient myths and legends, she is the incarnation of a mysterious bird, and another incarnation of a mysterious bird is Emperor Jun, so the status of Nine Heavens Xuannv must be high.

It is said that in the immortal system of Taoism, there has always been a belief in the god of war, and early Taoism was also more warlike, but these warlike dharma lines have almost disappeared, but this belief in worshiping the god of war has not changed.

For example, Emperor Gouchen who presides over wars, Taibai Jinxing who presides over wars, Grand Marshal Canopy who suppresses all evil, Emperor Zhenwu who sweeps away demons, etc.

And Jiutian Xuannv can be said to be the most powerful female God of War in the Taoist God of War belief. She is a woman who has left countless legends of assisting heroes in eliminating evil and violence.

Jiutian Xuannv is also known as Jiutian Xuannv Empress, Jiutian Xuanmother Tianzun, etc.

In Taoist legend, the Nine Heavens Xuannv is the spirit of heaven and earth, the aura of yin and yang. God is omniscient, and form is omnipotent. Know the feelings of all things, know the shape of all changes. He is also the master of Taoism. Xuannv is also an ancient god, and she is the leader of all truths.

There is also a Daoist scripture saying: “Supreme is the highest, but the most supreme, mysterious and mysterious, Si is called the ancestor of Kaixuan, since before the universe was opened, it is still the result of chaos, no air, no image, colorless and nameless.” , when it is time, there is Xuanzu…. Xuanzu is the supreme, the Brahma spirit was born in the early years, and the Shuzhi is as good as the Taishi. There is nothing, and there is nothing. Emptiness, emptiness and reality, Confucianism practices reality to rule, it is the school of Taoism and law.”

The reason why there are so many legends about the Nine Heavens Xuannv among the people is that the Nine Heavens Xuannv has a very special power and even declares the destiny on behalf of the people. It is a legend that the characters are assisted by Xuannv, thus helping the world.

Among them, the most famous is the story of the descending of the Nine Heavens Xuannv in the Battle of Chasing the Deer, and the story of receiving the Yellow Emperor’s divine book “Qimen Dunjia”.

It can be assumed here that before the Yellow Emperor became the Emperor of Heaven, Xuannv obeyed the emperor’s order to send the divine book to the Yellow Emperor.

So who is this god? Could it be Dijun? He has the same incarnation as Xuannv, but Dijun is obviously not on the same path as Huangdi, but has a blind date with Emperor Yan.

Chi You, Zhu Rong, Gong Gong, Xing Tian Kua Fu, etc. are all from the lineage of Emperor Yan.

If it is Emperor Jun, then there is also a scripture saying: “…the Queen Mother of the West sent a Taoist, wearing the clothes of a black fox, to receive the emperor with amulets and said: Taiyi is in front, Tianyi is behind, the one who wins wins, and the battle will conquer. Emperor When you feel it and think about it, if you don’t understand its meaning, you call the wind and tell it. Later, he said: “This day is the answer, and the battle will be defeated! Set up an altar to pray.”

“Emperor Yi set up an altar, worshiped the head again, and got a talisman, three inches wide, one foot long, blue, with blood as the writing, and immediately wore it. Looking up to the sky and sighing at the failure, thinking about it, feeling the fog in the sky, After three days and three nights, a woman descended from the sky, with the head of a human and the body of a bird. When the emperor saw Jishou, he bowed down again. The woman said: ‘My Xuannv too’!”

Taiyi, Tianyi are all gods

“Tianyixing is in the south of the right star of the Purple Palace Gate. It is also the god of the emperor of heaven. It is the master of battle and the one who knows the good and bad of people.”

“In the autumn, for the purpose of conquering southern Guangdong, I wished Taiyi a blessing. I used the peony to paint the banner, the sun, the moon, the Big Dipper and the dragon, and the image of the sky and the three stars. It was the Taiyi front, and it was called the Lingqi.”

The second place is the Queen Mother of the West, the head of the fairies

The Queen Mother of the West is also known as the Queen Mother, the Queen Mother of the West, and the Golden Mother Yuanjun.

Many people may have doubts, are the Queen Mother and the Queen Mother of the West the same god?

Because in the early records, for example, the image of the Queen Mother of the West in Shan Hai Jing is that she looks like a human being, with a leopard tail and tiger teeth, good at howling, fluffy hair and wearing a hoop, and she is the strongest of the sky and the five disabled.

From the Zhou Dynasty to the Western Han Dynasty, the Queen Mother of the West had become a goddess with an undead medicine and a beautiful appearance. Later, she was absorbed and inherited by Taoism and carried out another transformation, and finally became the appearance we are familiar with now.

There is a big misunderstanding here, because of the influence of modern film and television novels, what we see is more of a goddess named Queen Mother, who is also married to the Jade Emperor.

First of all, let me explain here that the Queen Mother is the common name for the Queen Mother of the West, but in the orthodox Taoist records, the Queen Mother of the West and the Jade Emperor are not husband and wife.

In the Taoist scriptures, the Queen Mother of the West is the incarnation of the innate yin energy of Yuanshi Tianzun. He and the East Prince jointly govern the world’s yin and yang. , to ascend to nine days.

The Queen Mother of the West is only half a level lower than the Jade Emperor. Like Yang Jian in Journey to the West, she listens to the tune but not to the announcement.

The reason why the Queen Mother of the West has so many records about the different appearances of the Queen Mother of the West, we can explain it in a mythological and idealistic way, is because of the different forms that the Queen Mother of the West manifested to the world in different periods.

Avalokitesvara’s Wuxiang is copied from Xiwangmu’s Wuxiang, didn’t you tell me that it was born sooner or later, Shang and Zhou are early enough!

For Taoism, it is the pursuit of immortality, so the Queen Mother of the West, who is in charge of the elixir and responsible for the power of heaven and the five disabilities, naturally has an extremely important position in the Taoist immortal system.

The third place, Mother of the Earth and Empress Dowager

The full name of Empress Empress of the Earth

As the only female god among the six emperors, she is also an extremely benevolent god.

In the Taoist mythology system, Empress Houtu has a very high status, even Emperor Ziwei, the head of the six emperors, is not as good as her, because she enjoys the same courtesy and sacrifices as the Jade Emperor.

The origin of Empress Houtu is related to the earth. She is the mother of all creatures and the most respected god of the land. Therefore, Empress Houtu also has the divine right to control the underworld, but she never incarnates the six realms of reincarnation, let alone the so-called ancestor of witches. They are all fabricated by modern novels.

In Journey to the West, Zhen Yuanzi dared to be called the ancestor of the Earth Immortals, but it was only because he was only in Journey to the West and was not included in the Taoist mythology system. Existence, if he becomes the ancestor of the Earth Immortal, wouldn’t he just hit Empress Houtu in the face.

From the beginning to the end, the Tu Niangniang was almost equal to the Emperor of Heaven, and the Houtu in Huangtian Houtu refers to the Houtu Niangniang.

“Heaven and earth are not divided, but they are mixed into one; the first judgment of the second instrument, the positioning of yin and yang, so the clear qi rises and becomes the yang sky, and the turbid qi descends to become the yin sky. The one that is the yang sky is passed down by the five emperors, the five heavens are positioned, and the sun is applied on the top. The moon is a mystical image. It is a cloudy place, the five yellows are multiplied together, and the five qi are condensed to carry the rivers, seas, mountains, forests and houses. Therefore, it is said that the sky is yang and the earth is yin, and the sky is male and the earth is mother.”

It’s tiring to say a lot, the Chinese mythology system is too chaotic, even after the unification and integration of Taoism, it still hasn’t been completely sorted out, and even each faction has its own gods.

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