The super white lipstick that fashionistas are using is publicly recommended: Japanese and gentle!

The super white lipstick that fashionistas are using is publicly recommended: Japanese and gentle!

YSL Saint Laurent Mirror Light Pure Color Lip Glaze #12 Water Lip Glaze #202

Everyone has a lot of lipsticks, how many circles can the fans of YSL family go around the lipstick world hand in hand? Today I will show you the YSL Saint Laurent Mirror Light Pure Color Lip Glaze and Water Lip Glaze that I love so much~

YSL Saint Laurent Mirror Light Pure Color Lip Glaze is the main lipstick, lip gloss and lip gloss with three effects in one. After application, the lips can be bright and moist for a long time. The lip glaze of the water lip glaze series is super moisturizing and moisturizing, and the 10-hour color retention ability is simply amazing~

Both are YSL classic metallic shell design, very textured, the simple and introverted black bottle reveals a pure color of the lip glaze, very seductive and eye-catching~The bottle design of the Water Lip Glaze series is white except for the letters. The outside is basically the same as the pure color lip glaze~

The pure-color lip glaze has a moist velvet texture when applied, and the film-forming speed is very fast after it is applied on the lips. Just like its name “mirror light lip glaze”, it can create a crystal-clear feeling of glass lips. The texture of water lip glaze is lighter and thinner. After application, the lips are moist and translucent, and the color retention ability is also first-class~

Both series are designed with a flat pointed lip brush that fits the lips. It is applied evenly and smoothly, and the outline of the lips will not melt out of bounds.

Among the pure color lip gloss series, the best-selling one is the No. 12 behead male color. It is a light grapefruit color at first, and it will turn into a watery red with a little pink tone after a while, which is particularly white. It feels very gentle when applied. Killing straight men in seconds, girls with dates can never go wrong~

Square tube No. 1 color

Every woman should have a red lipstick, “As long as I am still here, you are all concubines”, many girls can’t refuse this color. This one is Duan Guang, the upper lip is moisturizing, and the small gold tube of Saint Laurent is also a very popular one. True red is suitable for all skin tones. Asian skin is also very white when applied with positive red. Women always have a positive red in their bags, because this color is suitable for any occasion and it is not picky. It has become a treasure in the hands of many girls.

YSL round tube 202

It is the famous Yang Shulin again. In summer, I have to have a bubbling lipstick like a girl like orange soda. The color of this lipstick is more orange, thin application is orange pink tone and thick application is more reddish. The whole tone is very vigorous, but it is more extreme for the skin color. White skin is very white, while yellow skin is very black, so fairies with white skin are painted with this color, which is an amazing color, but yellow skin is thunderous.

The texture will be magical, and it is very vibrant with this color. After the pure makeup is formed, it will be a mirror makeup, but when applying it, you must apply a small amount of color multiple times to be more saturated, and you must not purse your lips. After it dries naturally, it will be shiny and very moist.

huayuji herbal lipstick

This Huayuji botanical lipstick is very temperamental for daily use! It looks bursting!! Don’t pick your skin, whether it is yellow skin or white skin, you can easily control this lipstick, which can show both whiteness and temperament!

The lipstick is really tender and clear, high-end and unassuming, low-key luxury is the best description for it. At the same time, advanced moisturizing ingredients are used, which can provide sufficient moisture for the lip skin during use, and keep moisturizing for a long time. It not only makes the lip skin moist and smooth, but also slows down the appearance of lip lines. Even without a primer, it is very easy to apply, the texture is moisturizing, it can dilute lip lines, and it will not feel greasy.

And the color will change with the PH value of the lips. Its color is soft and a little bit mature. The upper lip gives plain makeup and light makeup without looking too “pretentious”.

Its color is definitely the one with the highest degree of matching with the yellow skin color, which makes the color between the lips natural and full and advanced, and a light makeup is enough to give people a sense of natural beauty. No matter it is thinly applied or thickly applied, it looks good. Thin application is a pseudo-plain lip color that can never go wrong, as if it is your own lip color. It is naturally unpretentious and can bring a natural and advanced good complexion.

When applied thickly, it is a more retro and delicate peach color, and it has to be praised for its whitening strength. It is a relatively tender and elegant color, and the upper lip also looks lively and clean, which can easily become the finishing touch on the natural and uncarved cheeks. Sisters who like plain makeup or light makeup, a transparent base makeup with such a clear color will really make your clear temperament get twice the result with half the effort.

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