The Secret of Dunhuang

Dunhuang’s little-known secrets, how many do you know? Hunan Xianghao International Travel Service Co., Ltd. will tell you the answer. It is rumored that there are some treasures under the ancient city of Dunhuang that have not yet been discovered. It is said that in a certain period of history, due to wars and social turmoil, some valuable cultural relics and treasures were buried underground in the ancient city of Dunhuang. Although some have been looking for these treasures, so far, there is no conclusive evidence of their existence. Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes is one of the most famous attractions in Dunhuang. There are hundreds of caves, and the murals and sculptures inside are of great artistic value. However, the murals and patterns inside some caves are still a mystery. Some murals depict mysterious symbols and strange scenes, and some scholars believe that they may hide some kind of religious or mystical symbolism, but they have not been fully deciphered so far.

Dunhuang is located at the hub of the Silk Road and is closely related to ancient trade and cultural exchanges. While the history of the Silk Road and the Dunhuang connection have been extensively researched, there are still some unknown stories and exchanges that have yet to be unraveled. There may have been some cultural influences from ancient traders and travelers who settled or passed through Dunhuang, and these influences may be far beyond what we currently know. Some people claim that there are some hidden passages and underground cities in the city of Dunhuang. These underground structures are said to have been used in ancient times to avoid wars and protect residents. While there are some anecdotal and oral history records describing the existence of these underground cities, no systematic archaeological finds have yet been made to substantiate these claims.

Crescent Lake is known as an oasis in the desert. Although it is surrounded by deserts, the source of the lake’s water has always been a mystery. Studies have shown that there is an underground river under the Crescent Spring, which is continuously supplied with water from the melted snow of the nearby Qilian Mountains. This underground river provides the Crescent Spring with a steady stream of water, maintaining the lake’s long-lasting existence. The lake water of Crescent Lake presents stunning colors. The color of the lake changes from blue to green and even purple in different seasons and weather conditions. This change in color is caused by the reflective effect of the sand and dirt on the lake bottom, as well as the angle and intensity of sunlight.

Although Crescent Spring is located in an arid desert area, the lake water remains clear and pure. The water quality is exceptionally good and almost drinkable. This is due to the natural filtering effect of underground rivers. The snow water from Qilian Mountains is filtered and purified for a long time before it is injected into the Crescent Moon Spring. The existence of Crescent Lake plays an important role in sand fixation in desert areas. Due to the special shape of the lake, the wind and sand are blocked and slowed down when they approach the lake, making the sand dunes around the lake less prone to erosion, forming a natural barrier and protecting the ecological environment in the nearby area.

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