The palm prints and palm colors imply health secrets, teaching you to see through your health

Knowing health through palm prints – palm prints are of great significance in traditional Chinese medicine. By observing the shape and changes of palm prints, we can get some clues about the internal health of the human body. Below we will explain in detail the health problems reflected by different palm lines from the perspective of Chinese medicine.

1. Clarity of palm prints:When the palm lines are clear and smooth, it usually means that the body is healthy and full of energy and blood. Conversely, if the palm lines are blurred or too shallow, it may reflect insufficient Qi and blood or imbalance of yin and yang.

2. Palm temperature:Touching the center of the palm to understand its temperature is also important for judging health. The temperature of the palm is moderate, warm and comfortable, which usually means that the Qi and blood in the body are running well and the Yang Qi is sufficient. And cold palms may be a manifestation of poor blood circulation and insufficient Yang Qi.

3. Density and width of lines:The denseness and width of the lines on the palm can also reflect some health problems. If the lines are too sparse and small, it may imply insufficient Qi and blood and poor blood circulation; if the lines are too dense and thick, it may be related to damp heat and phlegm turbidity in the body.

4. The color of the palm:Observing the color of the palm of your hand is also helpful for health judgment. Healthy palms should be pink or slightly reddish, which means full of qi and blood; abnormal colors such as pale, yellow, dark purple, etc., may be related to weak qi and blood and dysfunction of viscera.

5. The shape of the line:The shape of the lines on your palm can provide some clues about your health. Normally, the lines should flow naturally, with no obvious breaks or intersections. If there are breaks, intersections, interlacing, etc., it may be related to problems such as blocked meridian operation and poor Qi and blood.

It should be emphasized that the observation of palm prints is only a method of auxiliary diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine, and cannot replace the diagnosis of clinical medicine. When observing palm lines, other physical conditions and symptoms should be considered comprehensively, and judgments should be made in conjunction with the overall concept of Chinese medicine.

The relationship between palm color and disease and health,Because palm color is affected by a variety of factors, it may not necessarily be directly linked to a specific disease. However, changes in the color of certain palms may indicate some underlying health problems. Here are some common palm color changes and their possible meanings:

1. Pale palms:Pale palms are often associated with anemia or circulatory problems. Anemia, caused by a lack of red blood cells or low oxygen levels in the blood, can also cause pale palms.

2. Sallow palms:Sallow palms may be associated with liver disease such as jaundice or hepatitis. This color change is due to increased levels of bilirubin in the body.

3. Burning red palms:Burning red palms, also known as red palms, can be due to benign causes such as agitation, hot weather, or excessive exertion. However, in some cases, it can also be associated with diseases such as cirrhosis, lupus, or thyroid problems.

4. Cyan palm:Blue-purple palms can be caused by poor circulation. This may be related to cardiovascular disease, low blood pressure, or circulation problems.

It should be noted that the above are just some common palm color changes and their possible health problems, and it does not mean that the palm color changes must be related to specific diseases. If you notice a change in the color of your palms or have other health concerns, it is advisable to consult a doctor for professional diagnosis and advice.

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