The movie “Hourglass” was launched, starring Qiu Tian, ​​Bao Shangen and Huang Minghao

Beijing News On July 4, the movie “Hourglass” was announced to start. The film is adapted from the best-selling work of the same name by Rao Xueman, written by Rao Xueman, directed by Wen Jing, and starring Qiu Tian, ​​Bao Shangen and Huang Minghao. The accompanying text on the official Weibo said: “The story begins with the cicadas singing in midsummer, and the end of the story is us with tears in our eyes. The hourglass remembers the time we have forgotten.”

The picture comes from the official Weibo

The outline of the film’s story is as follows: 17-year-old girl Mo Xingxing (played by Qiu Tian) was born in a small town in the south of the Yangtze River. and isolation, living a lonely and helpless life. The appearance of Mi Sha (played by Bao Shangen) and Lu Li (played by Huang Minghao) made Mo Xingxing’s youth, which was originally shrouded in mist and sadness, shine into the bright and warm sunshine. The three became a triangular alliance of knowing each other and fighting against the turmoil and grievances on campus, as well as the complexity and profundity from the adult world.

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