The heartfelt pilgrimage to Tibet, Tibet 7-day group travel strategy

Mysterious snowy land, beautiful Tibet, Tibet is a place lacking in oxygen and faith, have you been planning to go to Tibet? Most people think that it is not easy to go to Tibet, the road is far away, and some people have to make various transfers. Since it is not easy to go to Tibet, then we must have fun, eat and experience, and we must purely play.share this todayThe pilgrimage to Tibet that I have been thinking about, Tibet 7-day group travel strategy, friends who want to come to Tibet can contact Zhuoma 166 8900 6098.

Dolma arranges Tibet 7-day travel itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive in the holy city of Lhasa – check in at the Lhasa hotel after pick-up/station

Day 2: Potala Palace – Yaowang Mountain Observation Deck – Jokhang Temple Square – Barkhor Street Check in Lhasa Hotel

Day 3: Lhasa – Basong Co – Cozonggongba Monastery – Suosong Village or Nyingchi to stay in Suoring Hotel

Day 4: Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon – Yani Wetland Park – Nyingchi Hotel

Day 5: Nyingchi—Coastal scenery—Kadinggou or Niyang Pavilion—Lhasa Check in Lhasa Hotel

Day 6: Lhasa – Yamdrok Co – Lhasa stay in Lhasa Hotel

Day 7: Drop-off/station, return home

Attraction Raiders:

1. Shigatse: the holy land, the heart of Tibet, the real Tibet
2. The Potala Palace: A must-see in Tibet, the City of Sunlight
3. Yamdrok Yongcuo: One of the three holy lakes in Tibet—
4. Yani Wetland: Ascend to view the beautiful scenery of Yani Wetland
5. Jokhang Temple Square: a place to feel the sacred belief
6. Karola Glacier: the filming location of the movie “Red River Valley”
7. Tashilhunpo Monastery: The tin temple of the Panchen Lamas of all ages
8. Namjagbarwa Peak: a shy girl peak that nine people out of ten will meet
9. Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon: the largest canyon in the world

Small tips to deal with high anti-reverse:

1. Do not overeat, do not engage in strenuous exercise, and try not to drink alcohol and smoke.

2. Don’t think about where to play on the first day, give your body time to adapt.

3. Relax your mind, don’t be too afraid of high reactions, and pay attention to your physical condition at any time.

4. People over 70 years old, children under 10 years old, and pregnant women are not recommended to go to Tibet.

5. If you feel dizzy, drink a glass of glucose, slowly, and bring enough oxygen. If you are worried about high reaction, you can contact Zhuoma in advance

The benefits of looking for Zhuoma to travel with a group:

1. Exclusive guarantee: provide you with the best travel services throughout the whole process, professional tour guides will explain the scenic spots for you, and provide 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services

2. Quality assurance: provide you with the best tour guides, and provide VIP-style air-conditioned air tourist buses

3. Core scenic spots: Take you to visit the most beautiful scenic spots and ensure a comfortable itinerary

4. The local tour guide is very relieved to lead the team to play, one-stop service for food, accommodation, transportation, and play, so you don’t have to worry about it yourself

It’s the first time I’ve come to Tibet. Friends suggest to go with a group tour. The scenic spots in Tibet are far away from each other. It’s very troublesome to find a car. You can ask Zhuoma to arrange it like us. For specific schedule questions, you can directly ask Zhuo Mar will know better. When you need help, you can consult at any time. After all, Tibet is a plateau area. If you want to do a good job in travel strategy, Dolma knows everything about Tibet!

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