The godfather of music released a new song! These verses “live”

When the “Godfather of Chinese Pop Music” met Li Bai, the “Fairy of Poetry”, these poems hidden in the textbook unexpectedly “lived”!

On July 4th, the 10th-anniversary work “Three Thousand Miles of Chang’an” released the MV of the ending song of the same name. Luo Dayou gave his voice, and opened a dialogue through the millennium with the poets of the stars and poets of the Tang Dynasty with music and words .

The movie “Three Thousand Miles of Chang’an” is based on the history of the Tang Dynasty. It tells the wonderful story of the stars of the Tang Dynasty led by Gao Shi and Li Bai chasing their ideals in life in the magnificent Tang Dynasty. The lyrics of the ending song of the same name are adapted by Luo Dayou and Li Bai It was composed of Tang poems, and the lyrics appeared in Li Bai’s famous poems such as “Will Enter the Wine”, “It’s Difficult to Travel”, “Going to Zhongnan Mountain and Passing Husi Mountain People Place Wine”.

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The godfather of music released a new song! These verses “live”

When Luo Dayou sang the thousand-year-old poems in Li Bai’s “Will Entering Wine” with a charming voice, “I am born to be useful” and “The sages and sages in ancient times are lonely, but the drinkers keep their names”, even after thousands of years. At present, the audience feels the heroic and unrestrained “Poet Immortal” Li Bai, and people are very much looking forward to how “Three Thousand Miles of Chang’an” will show Li Bai, the colorful chapter in the life of this “white moonlight in the hearts of Chinese people”.

The film is officially scheduled for July 8th, and as a leading domestic commercial blockbuster, it shocks the summer competition!

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