The first wave of word-of-mouth in “Days of Chasing Light” was released, and 5 actors made it out of the circle with their acting skills. Guo Jingfei can only rank second

As soon as CCTV makes a move, it will know whether there is one.

Has everyone watched the recently hit TV series “Days of Chasing Light” on CCTV? Is it more and more addictive? Can’t stop?

The play is directed by Han Tian, ​​co-directed by Su Haoqi, starring Guo Jingfei and Ren Min, and specially invited by Wang Yuan. As soon as it started broadcasting on June 29, the ratings directly broke 1.

This TV series, which shows senior high school students preparing for the college entrance examination and bravely chasing their dreams, is scheduled to be broadcast after the college entrance examination. It will naturally attract the attention of senior high school students who have just taken the exam, parents of candidates and young college students.

Because from it, everyone can find the shadow of their past, and it arouses deep resonance.

“The Days of Chasing Light” chose to start broadcasting on June 29. The “Moon Rising in the Bay Area” Greater Bay Area film and music show broadcast on CCTV 6 on this day obviously attracted more audiences’ attention. Moreover, after the first 3 episodes of “Days of Chasing the Light” started broadcasting, it stopped updating for several days, and only 4-5 episodes were released on July 3. However, there are still many fans who love it.I think the most important reason, one isThe plot is down-to-earth and attractive,an actorWell cast, well acted

So far, the first wave of word-of-mouth for “Days of Chasing Light” has been released. We can see from Douban, which has always scored rigorously, that many young netizens have given four-star and five-star praise. This is rare, because it is not easy for “well-informed” Douban netizens to give such a high evaluation to a domestic drama.

From everyone’s comments, we can see that the narrative of this drama is very life-like, without pretending or floating, and the details are solid and can stand scrutiny. But in production, it took the route of youthful literature and art. The rhythm is very comfortable, neither fast nor slow. The small surprises and small humors brought by actors such as Guo Jingfei emerge in endlessly, which makes people feel very relaxed and not tired at all.

In addition, the performance of the actors has also been recognized by everyone. Needless to say, Guo Jingfei is a powerful actor. We already know his acting skills and his ability to control the characters.

What is rare is that the two young actors, Ren Min and Wang Yuan, also showed “bright” performances in the play, without breaking down in the slightest.

In the first two episodes, the Ren Zhen played by Ren Min was “trapped” by his unreliable father to 530 points and had no college experience. I don’t know how many netizens sympathized with him. Ren Min’s interpretation of Ren Zhen’s anger, despair, helplessness and confusion is appropriate, authentic and believable.

But apart from the three leading actors, I believe that the eyes of many netizens are attracted by the performance of the supporting actors in the play.

Some of them have good acting skills, some have good looks, some have a sense of intimacy, and some are quite popular with the audience.

Although before this, none of them were well-known actors, and some even hovered outside the 18th line. However, I believe that through the popularity of “Days of Chasing the Light”, they and the characters they play will be able to get out of the circle.

In fact, now that the series has just aired 5 episodes, we have already discovered at least 5 treasure actors.

I believe that many netizens who follow “Days of Chasing Light” have already been attracted by the character of Hongmao, right?

He is very interesting. It is the “loyalty” in the play.

I think it was probably because Hao Nan (played by Guo Jingfei) helped him when he was in trouble, so he kept Hao Nan’s kindness in his heart and regarded him as a confidant. “Scholars die for their confidants”, this is a manifestation of “justice in the rivers and lakes”. Therefore, no matter what Hao Nan does, Hong Mao will support him unconditionally, and will appear by Hao Nan’s side in time when Hao Nan needs help.

Although Hongmao looks “ruffian”, his kindness, empathy and sense of justice are very likable.

In fact, the combination of Hao Nan and Hongmao is a comedy duo in “The Days of Chasing Light”. However, after watching these 5 episodes, we are moved by the “brotherhood” of the two.

Guo Xinyu, who played the red hair, we were not very familiar with him before. But his performance is impressive. His natural sense of relaxation rivals that of the experienced Guo Jingfei. And his sense of humour, which is not revealing, is also worthy of our admiration.

The cooperation between him and Guo Jingfei can also be said to complement each other.

It turned out that Guo Xinyu was born on December 22, 1995 in Shenyang, Liaoning. Later, he was admitted to the Jazz Singing Department of the Pop Singing Academy of the Beijing Modern Music Training Institute. In 2017, he starred in “Hi! “Predecessor” debuted. Then he starred in “The Best You in the World”, “I’m Waiting for You at the End of Time”, “My Time Boy and Me” and other dramas.

Most of the roles he played in these dramas were humorous and amusing. Obviously, he has accumulated more experience in this area, and he applied it to the character Hongmao in “The Day After the Light”, adding a lot of color to it.

The role of red hair does not have many roles, but it is very pleasing. To a large extent, it has an inseparable relationship with Guo Xinyu’s relaxed performance.

I believe that through this drama, many netizens will remember him from now on, right?

I don’t know why, every time I see the grade director Li Yaling, I can’t help laughing.

This Li Yaling is really like the grade director we met when we were studying, serious and unsmiling. She’s a little stiff, a little old-fashioned, and a little smug.

But her heart is definitely good. It is absolutely responsible for the students.

Li Zheng who plays Li Yaling is also a good actor. Her precise sense of proportion when performing is truly admirable. Because of this role, if the performance is too warm, the character of the character will not come out, but if the performance is too extreme, then the comic cartoon feel will be too obvious. But when we watch Li Zheng’s performance, his demeanor, tone of voice, and movements are both in character and natural.

In the 5th episode, there is a very exciting scene, that is, the school’s grade list, which was scribbled by someone. After Li Yaling found out, she was very angry. She met Teacher Hao Nan on the road and asked Hao Nan if she knew who it was. dry.

The two of you talked to each other, and the inside and outside of the words contained deceit and temptation, and a soldier came to cover up the water. The two fought in secret for more than ten rounds, but it was hard to distinguish between equals and superiors.

What makes people laugh is that the performances of the two actors are very fascinating. Needless to say, Guo Jingfei, Li Zheng’s small expressions are also well used, and the details are displayed vividly, not only clearly reflecting Li Yaling’s inner activities, but also showing Li Yaling’s hot-tempered personality.

In fact, I have noticed this actor since Li Zheng appeared on stage. She looks a bit like Yue Xiuqing from Beijing Renyi, but obviously younger. I thought about it for a long time, but I didn’t remember what role I had seen her play before? It can only be confirmed that this is the first time she has been seen on the screen. However, her mature acting skills have to make people believe that this must be a powerful actor with rich performance experience.

Sure enough, before that, Li Zheng already had a lot of stage performance experience. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama and is now an actress of China Children’s Art. She has not appeared in many film and television works, and she has only played roles in “Hetou Army Inn” and “Death Note”. However, she starred in the drama “Poison” but was nominated as the Best Actress of 2018 by “One Drama Awards”.

I believe that this time, through the drama “The Day After the Light”, Li Zheng will also be known and remembered by more drama fans. The role of Li Yaling she played can also become popular.

3. Guo Hong plays Zhang Ping

Guo Hong is definitely a “familiar face” to everyone.

Because we have seen her appear in many hit dramas.

However, few people can blurt out her name.

Because she always played a supporting role in the corners.

For example, Sister Qiao in “Sorghum Is Red”, Wang Yan, the sister-in-law of the Liu family in “The War of Children”, the second wife Lu Shi in “Young Marshal”, Yang Xun’s mother in “Dajiang Dahe 2”, etc.

However, Guo Hong’s acting strength should not be underestimated. I believe that audiences who have watched the movie “No Man’s Land” and the TV series “The Pretender” will never forget the proprietress of the black shop in the desert and the lone wolf, the Japanese female spy who used her servant status to disguise herself. These two roles are both played by Guo Hong.

This time in “The Day of Chasing the Light”, Guo Hong once again showed superb acting skills.

She plays Ren Zhen’s mother Zhang Ping in the play. This is a miserable woman. Her health is not good, but her husband is not up to date. She has no choice but to use her weak shoulders to carry a family and run a dumpling restaurant to support her daughter’s schooling.

Guo Hong showed the different levels of Zhang Ping’s role through delicate performances.

One is Zhang Ping’s selfless love for her daughter as a mother. Even the look in his eyes when he looked at his daughter was full of pampering.

One is Zhang Ping’s strong character as a woman, and the independent manner that she had to develop due to the pressure of life.

One is Zhang Ping’s bitterness and helplessness as a wife in the face of her husband’s inaction or even making trouble.

Guo Hong’s performances are accurate and in place.

This is obviously a good actor whose strength has been seriously ignored by everyone. Judging from her current outstanding performance in “The Days of Chasing the Light”, many audiences have been moved by her performance and have remembered her name ever since.

So far, the least likable character in “Days of Chasing Light” is Ren Zhen’s father, Ren Yongqing.

Because this person is extremely unreliable. Even though they are all in their forties, they are not at all prudent in speaking and doing things. He also likes to boast, and he can’t even tell the seriousness of the matter. It is clear that his daughter Ren Zhen scored 530 points in the college entrance examination, and there is no problem at all, but he tried his best to make his own decisions on such a big matter as her daughter filling in her volunteers. As a result, her daughter did not even get into college in the end.

In fact, in life, there are quite a few such people.

I don’t have any skills, but I love to take care of things, and in the end, I often bring troubles to myself and my family.

But what do you want to say about such a person? Not at all. It’s just because they don’t have a correct understanding of their ability level, so in the end, the people who are responsible for the disaster they caused are often the relatives around them.

The actor Lin Peng is also good at acting. He seems to have fully captured the character flaws of this kind of people in real life and the psychological basis of love to show off, so he played Ren Yongqing so vividly.

Whether it was the smug ambition when he promised his daughter to go to medical university, the panic when seeing the plan fail, or the pitiful attitude when his daughter could only repeat the third year of high school, he showed every detail.

Lin Peng is also an actor that everyone is very familiar with. He seems to have appeared in many popular dramas that have exploded in the past two years—such as Ma Guangcai in “The Hidden Corner”, Zhang Wenbin in “The Returned Daughter”, and Yucun Village in “The Wind Blows Pinellia” Chang, Mr. Wu in “The Long Season”, etc. He usually does not play many roles, but his superb and accurate performances can leave a very deep impression on us.

It’s the same this time, Ren Yongqing in “The Day of Chasing the Light” is not lovable, but Lin Peng’s performance is full of praise.

I think that in the drama “The Day of Chasing the Light”, Guo Jingfei once again presented a superb performance.

However, there is an actor who is even better than Guo Jingfei, and that is Ma Shuliang.

If you want to rank the acting skills of the actors in “The Day After the Light”, Guo Jingfei can only be ranked second, because the veteran actor Ma Shuliang must be ranked first.

Ma Shuliang played the principal Wang Zhiguo in the play, a supporting role with very few roles, but every time he appeared on the stage, he was extremely exciting.

This is mainly because the actors have made sufficient preparations for the roles.

Including the principal’s personality, the way the principal speaks, the principal’s attitude in handling affairs, and the principal’s reaction to different people and things, etc., Ma Shuliang carefully figured out and designed it.

That’s why the character we see is so lifelike.

In the play, when Hao Nan came to report to the school, the principal could tell that he was different at a glance, but he didn’t show it, and still insisted on the principle of “do not doubt people, and employ people without suspicion”. When listening to Hao Nan’s public class, he failed to see Hao Nan within the stipulated time, and the principal was also very anxious, but he did not change his face, but judged the development and changes of the situation by observing the reactions of the people around him .

This is obviously an old man with great wisdom, who was portrayed by Ma Shuliang to the fullest.

Ma Shuliang is a national first-class actor of the National Theater of China. He was born in 1960, started performing arts in 1978, and is the winner of the Golden Lion Award for Chinese Drama. In the sitcom “Family with Children”, Liu Xing’s father, Hu Yitong, who always does bad things with good intentions, is played by him. In addition, Master Huang in “Family Portrait”, Uncle Zhao in “The Rag Girl Also Has Spring”, and Lao Huang in “Old Girlfriends” are also played by him.

Years of experience have given Ma Shuliang profound performance skills and precise expressiveness. As a representative of an actor who has won respect with his explosive acting skills, I hope he can be remembered by more audiences through “The Day of Chasing the Light”.

In “Days of Chasing Light”, there are many unforgettable good actors, such as Yang Qing who played Chen Yu’e, Dong Qing who played Bai Jie, Zhao Bin who played Gao Wenbin, and young people such as Xu Shiyue, Liu Xiaobei, He Liao Luyun, etc. actor. They all presented performances full of life in the play, which filled the audience’s expectations.

Although there are more good-looking hit dramas recently, “The Day of Chasing Light” is still like a cool summer breeze, bringing us a refreshing feeling. But I don’t know if you have seen this drama? Did you feel any deep “empathy” after watching it? Which actor’s performance in the play impressed you more? Welcome everyone to interact with more drama fans through the message area.

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