The first round of voting for the 40th anniversary of the founding of “Little Master” is now open!Come and help your favorite works

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its founding, “Little Master” launched a call for papers. 250 shortlisted works, including three categories of articles, calligraphy and paintings, will be displayed and voted in the form of online public display. The first round of voting will start at 0:00 on July 5th, come and vote for your favorite works~

“Little Master News” was established in 1983 and has gone through 40 years. As the first national journal in China that is interviewed, written, illustrated, photographed and edited by children under the age of 15, the circulation of “Little Master” once exceeded 1 million copies, and it has become the memory of many children’s growth…

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its founding, “Little Master Newspaper” launched a solicitation activity for “Forty Years of Fruitful Achievements – Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of “Little Master Newspaper”. This event quickly received enthusiastic submissions from many partners, previous alumni, reporter stations from all over the country, and branches of the Little Master School of Journalism across the country. After preliminary screening by the review committee and school teachers, 250 excellent articles, calligraphy and paintings have been selected from many outstanding works. Now in the form of online public display, the work exhibition and voting activities will be carried out. The first round of voting will start at 0:00 on July 5!

During the event, citizens can participate in voting by downloading and registering to log in to the “Shanghai Changning” APP client to enter the event page.

voting rules

1. Registered users can vote 3 times a day (calligraphy, painting, and articles can all be voted).

2. Voting can be for the same work or for different works.

3. The list of winners will be announced through the “Shanghai Changning” WeChat and client.

4. Based on the principle of fairness, the organizer will use technical screening methods to judge the authenticity of voting users, and will disqualify fake users and users who violate the rules from voting and clear their accounts.

5. The event organizer has the final right to interpret this event.

voting plan

In the first round of voting, 5 groups of works will be released in sequence, each group contains 50 works, including three categories: painting, calligraphy, and articles. The voting time is 5 days. Citizens can vote for their favorite works with their votes. For each group of works, 10 “online shortlisted awards” will be selected by online voting and 10 “nominated shortlisted awards” will be selected by the judging committee, with a total of 20 shortlisted works.

For the final voting, the final round of work display and voting activities will be carried out from among the 100 shortlisted works in 5 groups. 10 “Best Popularity Award”, 10 “Best Editing Award”, 10 “Best Painting Award” and 10 “Best Calligraphy Award” were selected through online voting and expert judges’ review.

Final voting time: August 1st – August 6th

Part of the shortlisted works

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