The dog days are approaching, should you drink beer or liquor? Suggestion: No matter what you drink, remember “2 drinks and 1 not drink”

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This year’s dog days start from July 11th to August 19th.

Up to 40 days in total

which is longer than the dog days of previous years and belongs to the extended version of the dog days.

Many meteorological experts predict that this summer may be accompanied by the “El Niño” climate phenomenon,

Or usher in the hottest summer in history,

With the arrival of hot weather, watermelon, ice cream,

Cooling food such as iced drinks are very popular among everyone

The hot and unbearable nights in summer are the best time to eat barbecue, especially cold beer and white wine have become one of the magic weapons for gluttonous elders to spend the long summer.

Now that the dog days are approaching, should we drink beer or liquor?

I suggest everyone: No matter what you drink, keep in mind the principle of “2 drinks and 1 no drink” to spend the summer safely.


Beer or liquor?

What is the difference between beer and liquor?

In fact, the production methods of the two are different

Liquor is made from grains such as sorghum and wheat. It is boiled, fermented and blended. Generally, the alcohol content is relatively high.

Beer is barley, wheat is the raw material, then hops are added, and it is produced through liquid fermentation. The beer content is relatively low. In European and American countries, beer is considered a kind of beverage. , brandy, vodka and other high-altitude wines have a big difference.

Generally speaking, young people like to drink beer in China.

Especially when eating barbecue supper, cold beer is often more popular among young people, while

Liquor is generally preferred by middle-aged and elderly people

Young people drink less high-grade liquor.

Do you drink beer or liquor during the dog days? In fact, it mainly depends on the personal situation. Beer and liquor can be drunk. If you like the iced taste, then it will be more delicious to drink it after refrigerating.


2 drink 1 don’t drink

In the dog days of summer, whether you drink white wine, red wine, beer, or fruit wine, it is recommended that you keep in mind the principle of “2 drinks and 1 non-drinking”. So what is “2 drinking and 1 non-drinking”?

1. Drink in moderation every day.

According to the data display

Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol every day is actually good for the body,

It can increase appetite, promote digestion, promote blood circulation and other benefits.

adults in general

Do not drink more than 20ml of liquor per day; no more than 200ml of beer per day; no more than 100ml of red wine per day

Exceeding the amount is not only useless but also counterproductive, causing unnecessary burden on the stomach and intestines. If you drink too much alcohol, it will even drag down your body.

2. Drink pure grain wine.

Nowadays, whether it is liquor or beer, there are so many varieties on the market. When you walk into the liquor section of a supermarket, you will find a dazzling array of beautiful things.

But in fact, there are many wines nowadays that are not brewed from pure grains. Some merchants use blended wines made from “essence alcohol” and other substances. Although this kind of wine is cheap, it tastes bad, and frequent drinking may damage the body.

How to identify whether it is pure grain wine?

Actually, just look at the ingredients list.

If the ingredient list says raw materials like “wheat, barley, sorghum and water”, then it is pure grain wine.

If the ingredient list says raw materials such as “edible alcohol, edible flavor…”, then it is a blended wine, and the taste is relatively strong in flavor.

3, 1 do not drink.

The “1 do not drink” mentioned here actually refers to not drinking mixed wine

People who drink often know that white wine, beer and red wine should never be mixed together. Some people who drink often think it is more refreshing to drink mixed.

Although drinking like this does make people feel better, the harm to the human body is also rising in a straight line. Drinking alcohol together will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, and it is easy to cause symptoms such as vomiting.

Although it is refreshing for a while, it does a lot of damage to the body.

The dog days are approaching. It is recommended that you follow the principle of “2 drinks and 1 no drink” when drinking

Whether it is beer, white wine or red wine, you should drink it in moderation every day, don’t mix it up, don’t drink too much,

Don’t use your health to misbehave, or you will only increase regret.

How do you feel about this?

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