The correct way to braise pork, 6 conditions are indispensable, if one is missing, it will fail

Guide: The correct method of braised pork requires 6 conditions. The braised pork is delicious but not smelly, and it will not shrink. If there is one less, it will fail.

First: What is the aroma of stewed vegetables?

1. Braised fragrance:

1. The brine itself has no fragrance, and the fragrance comes from the brine oil. The spices in the stewed meat formula can enhance the fragrance and remove the fishy smell.

2. Spices such as star anise and cinnamon increase the fragrance, and spices such as Baikou and coriander leaves remove the peculiar smell. Excessive use of some spices will cover up the taste of other spices.

3. Control the ratio of various spices, appropriately increase the amount of aroma-enhancing spices, and reduce the amount of strong-smelling spices.

2. Meat flavor:

1. The ingredients themselves have a special taste, so you should not use too much marinade, as it will cover up the taste of the ingredients themselves.

2. Spices only play an auxiliary role in increasing flavor, not as much as possible. The main ingredients of stewed vegetables are vegetables, so don’t let the smell of spices take away the original flavor of the ingredients.

3. Aftertaste:

1. Usually, the flavor of lips and teeth depends on the aftertaste of stewed meat, which is mainly enhanced by the taste of salt, and also by seasonings such as licorice and rock sugar.

2. Braised vegetables and spices are used to remove fishy smell, but salt is still the strongest factor for removing fishy smell. Braised vegetables should have a fragrance, mainly due to the effect of salt, adding rock sugar can ease the saltiness of the salt.

3. The amount of salt used should be adjusted according to the regional taste and saltiness, and the amount shared is just a reference.

1. Five spices are the main spices used in cooking food

① Octagonal:Slightly spicy and slightly sweet, star anise is an indispensable condiment for making stewed vegetables, and it is also the main raw material of five-spice powder.

② Cinnamon:Also known as cinnamon, official laurel or cinnamon, it has a strong aroma, which can remove fishy and greasy meat dishes and increase appetite.

③Zanthoxylum bungeanum:Zanthoxylum bungeanum can remove the fishy smell of various meats, promote saliva secretion, and increase appetite.

④ Clove:Pungent in nature, warm in taste, efficacy: warming the middle-medium, warming the kidneys, reducing adverse effects.

⑤ Fennel:One of the raw materials for invigorating the stomach, dispelling cold, promoting qi, and five-spice powder.

2. The role of other spices

Tsaoko:Spicy in the mouth, warm in nature, dry damp and remove cold, digest food and dissolve food.

Kawasuna Hitoshi:Xin Wen Xing San, aromatic dampness, dampness and qi, warming the middle and stopping diarrhea.

Chenpi:Fragrance, pungent and bitter taste, regulating qi and subduing adverse conditions, regulating the middle and appetizing, drying dampness and resolving phlegm

White pepper:The smell is aromatic, pungent and warm. Warming the middle and dispelling cold, lowering qi, eliminating phlegm.

Fragrant leaves:Nature and flavor are pungent, slightly warm. Invigorate the stomach and regulate qi, increase fragrance.

Licorice:Nature and flavor, sweet, flat. Invigorate the spleen and replenish qi, clear away heat and detoxify.

Bai Kou:Increase fragrance and remove fishy smell.

Making 6 kg old soup: ratio of spice packs, seasonings, main food

Five Spices:

10 grams of star anise, 5 grams of cinnamon, 10 grams of pepper, 10 grams of cumin, and 4 grams of cloves.

Other spices:

2 grass fruits, 10 grams of Chuan Amomum, 10 grams of tangerine peel, 3 grams of white pepper.


15 grams of ginger and 20 grams of salt.

Main ingredients:

Chicken rack (increasing freshness), pork bone (increasing flavor and freshening).

【Ingredient list】:

1 spice bag, 3 chicken racks, 1000 grams of pork bones, 15 grams of ginger, 20 grams of salt, and 15 grams of cooking wine.

Production step 1: The first soup cooking time is 1 and a half hours

1. Put the spices into the gauze bag, leaving 2/3 of the space.

2. Soak the spice pack in 30° warm water for 20 minutes before use.

3. Boil the chicken racks and pork ribs for 5-10 minutes, remove the blood, remove and rinse, and then boil the soup.

4. Put 6 kg of water into the soup pot, add spice packs and chicken racks, bring to a boil over high heat, and skim off the foam.

5. Add salt, cooking wine and ginger, and simmer on low heat for about 1.5 hours. Take out the chicken rack, filter the impurities, and then boil the pork bones with soup.

Production step 2: The cooking time of the second soup is 3 hours

1. Add pork bones and the spice packs from the first soup to the chicken cage soup, make up to 6 kg of water, and add boiling water in the middle.

2. Add 5 grams of ginger, 5 grams of cooking wine, a little salt, taste it, and then add salt (note: the amount of seasoning should be reduced this time).

3. Bring to a boil on high heat, then simmer on low heat. After the ingredients are cooked, take out the pork bones, filter to remove the dregs, and keep the soup.

4. The old soup boiled in this way can be used for braised pork head meat, which tastes very good.


It is not necessary to put green onions when making old soup, because the strong irritating seasoning will deteriorate and change taste after a long time, which is not conducive to the preservation of soup.

Production steps:

1. Appropriate amount of rock sugar/soft white sugar/white granulated sugar, crushed rock sugar in advance.

2. Heat up the pot, add a little vegetable oil to make the oil evenly heated, turn to low heat, and add sugar (the ratio of oil to sugar is 1:10).

3. Stir-fry the sugar color over low heat, and the sugar will gradually melt. If the temperature is too high, it will smell burnt. You can remove the pot from the heat and melt it naturally before heating. Stir gently, the sugar will melt and bubbles will form, (after 3 seconds) add a spoonful of hot water and stir well, the color will turn brownish red, turn off the heat, and put it into a container.

Sixth, the selection and processing of pork head meat to remove fishy smell

1. Material selection:Smooth, clean, no dark spots, blood spots, eyes closed, no mucus outside the mouth, normal lymph nodes. The ears are moderate in size and thickness, and the muzzle is clean and free of impurities.

2, hair removal:Use fresh pork head meat, scrape the dirt and hair on the surface, face groove, ear root, and use tweezers to pluck the hair and hair root or remove it with fire.

3. Changing the knife:Put the pig face down on the cutting board, split from the middle of the back of the head, take out the pig brain, cut off 2 ears, dig out the eye circles, cut off the pig’s nose, take out the mouth strips and tongue, and scrape off the tongue coating.

4. Pickling:Apply evenly salt, peppercorns and cooking wine to the cleaned pig face and pig ears, and marinate for 24 hours.

5. Remove bloody water: Rinse the marinated pig head meat and pig ears with water, add water, green onions, and ginger, boil to remove bloody water, and then wash with cold water. #Summer on the tip of the tongue#

The pig’s head is cut and killed, the original taste, healthy and delicious, and the meat is rich in fragrance.

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Pig offload (hooves, tails, hearts, livers, lungs, intestines, tripe):Wash with water, marinate to remove blood, 2 hours in spring and summer, 4 hours in autumn and winter.

1. Treatment of large intestine and pork belly:

The salt is kneaded and cleaned repeatedly, and the intestines need to be turned over to tear off the fat.

2. Pig lung treatment and cleaning method:

①Put the large tube of the pig lung on the faucet, fill it with water, pour it out, grab the lung lobe and squeeze the water, repeat several times. ②Pig lungs turn from red to white, drain the blood. ③Boil the pot to leach out the residue in the lung tube, then wash it again.

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