The collection of “Castle in the Sky” Hayao Miyazaki has been uploaded: it is old, but little known

The success of the film lies in the fact that there is no extreme division between justice and evil. The resolute and innocent teenagers pursuing their ideals are a symbol of beauty. The government that started the war, they are the embodiment of evil, but there is the most special group among them, the pirate Dora family. They are indeed robbers, but they are not devoid of conscience. He also helped the protagonists realize their dreams during the journey, and even no longer obsessed with treasures but protected them.

Collection of Hayao Miyazaki:

I remember that Hayao Miyazaki once said that he doesn’t like the simple division of good and bad in anime. People without contradictions are boring.
Therefore, we believe that the world of animation is a reflection of the human soul. Human beings are complex animals and should not be simply defined. Only by showing their rich emotional characteristics can a work of vitality be considered.

This work brings Miyazaki’s imagination and creativity to the extreme. The original idea of ​​Laputa, the city of the sky, comes fromGulliver’s Travels written by Jonathan Swift in 1726.

But Hayao Miyazaki shaped it into a fantasy and shocking picture scroll, allowing the world to witness the city in the sky in his mind, and follow in the footsteps of Balu and Xida to step into the secret realm,It has launched a deeper thinking and exploration of the civilization development and existence significance of human society.

In the human society where Balu lives, the legend about the existence of Laputa has always been a hotly discussed and enduring topic, and adventurers have never stopped exploring and pursuing Laputa. Baloo’s father was one of many explorers and was lucky enough to see a corner of Sky City in an accidental storm, even though the world didn’t believe what he saw and heard and the photos he took.

His father passed away with hatred amid doubts and gossip, but the description of Laputa in his mouth has long been deeply rooted in Baru’s young heart.Let Baru dream about and yearn for this distant and mysterious illusion.

For Baru, who toiled day and night in the mine and was helpless,His only wish is to set foot on the continent in his father’s mouth and unravel the mystery of Laputa in the hearts of the world.

If it weren’t for the girl Xida who fell from the sky unexpectedly, Baloo would never have thought that one day he would go to Laputa in person,Witness its former prosperity and its present ruin.

Due to the ever-expanding greed of human society and the endless pursuit of desire and rights, Laputa’s inexhaustible wealth and unparalleled technological power have become the focus of government forces. The high-ranking officials of the army and the rampant pirates are concerned about the gold, silver and jewels of the mysterious kingdom, and want to satisfy the greed of its rich and enemy country.

Political elites and spies want to master its advanced technology to achieve the ambition of dominating the entire human world. Interest groups with their own ulterior motives combined to launch an aggression plan against Laputa.How to find Laputa smoothly and enter safely across the barrier has become the top priority.

According to the records handed down in ancient texts, only by obtaining the flying stone can you find Laputa in the direction guided by the light and successfully pass through the dragon’s lair ravaged by storms and lightning to get ashore safely.

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