The circle of friends posted about the self-built house in my hometown. I didn’t expect a friend to ask me: Why is there a bed in the living room?

Because my husband is from the countryside, I built the house by myself. After all, it is in the countryside, so the area of ​​the house is quite large, and the land is cheap. After decorating the home, I posted it on my circle of friends, but I didn’t expect many friends to ask me why the marriage bed is so strange in the living room. This comment really made me dumbfounded. In fact, because the bedroom is very big, so in order to make it look less empty, I just bought a sofa here and put a coffee table here. Unexpectedly, my friends misunderstood that this is the living room.

this is the living room of our house

For the fabric sofa in the living room, the patterns chosen are relatively simple and elegant. There are also several hanging pictures hanging on it. Such hanging pictures are very popular in rural areas.

This is our bedroom, which is really big, like a living room. In addition to a large bed in the house, there is also a sofa, and this sofa looks a bit like a second bed. If the husband is disobedient, it is also a good choice to punish him to sleep on it. If you have any decoration problems, please contact the designer qijiagc

But the whole space seems really too spacious, and I don’t know how to arrange it. Is this the so-called big house is not a good thing? I hope everyone can give me some advice, let me decorate my home more warmly, thank you!

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