The 20㎡ small garden of a Beijing owner spent 200,000 to build a small world, the effect is called a high-end

Only when we have a sincere love for life, can we find more happiness and beauty at any moment and anywhere, and we will not be troubled by any negative energy.

At the same time, we will also discover the previously neglected details in our lives, and strive to pursue the life we ​​yearn for through our own efforts and creation.

This attitude of pursuing interesting life from ordinary daily life allows us to present a distinctive decoration style in our own residences.

The 20-square-meter small garden of a Beijing owner spent 20 to create a “small world”. Die paint.

Design focus: to create a private Chinese landscape

Before entering the gate, we first see a spacious small garden. This pure space seems to bring people back to childhood, listening to cicadas in summer and watching snow in winter quietly, carefree and full of joy of life.

Although the garden looks ordinary, the owner spent nearly three years carefully managing and arranging it, and finally built it into this beautiful space in front of him.

From the outside of the house, the first thing you can see is the courtyard wall surrounded by bamboo. Only when you go to the deepest part can you find the gate leading to the courtyard. Once the gate is opened, you can enter another chic small courtyard.

In order to make this courtyard more quality, the owner carefully selected two stone lions to guard the courtyard, and the steps built with the wooden and stone slabs brought back by him have a strong retro style.

The seemingly old furniture is actually found by the owner from the second-hand market or old furniture that others do not need, and has been polished and repainted to become brand new furniture.

After going upstairs, we will see the background wall with ancient plaques and a spacious fish pond. There is a small and romantic wooden door leading to the inner courtyard on the background wall.

The scene in the inner courtyard is more abundant. In addition to various flowers and plants, there are also various small fruit trees, all planted by the owner himself. This not only makes the yard full of vitality, but also achieves self-sufficiency in vegetables and fruits, making life more enjoyable.

In order to make full use of this beautiful scenery, a tea tasting area is specially designed in a corner of the courtyard. Recycled bricks were used to raise the countertop, thickened wooden boards were laid on it, and a square table and two wooden chairs were added. This place became an ideal place for drinking tea and chatting.

Because the owners love to walk in the mountains and fields, they often retrieve many treasures from the roadside or outdoors. For example, above the ceiling of the tea tasting area, there is a huge tree root that was picked up, which looks like a bull’s head, and it is an excellent decoration hanging on the ceiling.

Let’s take a look at the tree roots dug back from the mountain by the owner, which are shaped like spiders and lie on them.

The various stones placed on the wall are also treasures that the owner has found from the outside. After being matched with a suitable base, they can be placed in every corner of the courtyard, adding a strong Chinese style to the courtyard and realizing a unique design style.

If you look closely, there are poems engraved on the door panel. With the green brick and green tile roof above, the whole courtyard presents a different kind of interest.

To outsiders, it is a waste of time to spend so much time building a courtyard, but to the owners, it is a reflection of pursuing a unique lifestyle, and at the same time, they have experienced physical and mental transformation in the process of creating this courtyard .

Most of the items are treasures bought by the owner from other places, the value of which cannot be measured by money. In this place, the days to come will be more comfortable and comfortable. Looking at the Chinese-style pastoral that he personally built, the owner is full of a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

The waste in the eyes of others becomes a treasure in the hands of the owner, and each treasure is combined in the courtyard to form a complete artwork. It is said that the value of this courtyard is close to one million yuan after being appraised by experts, which can only show the owner’s unique insights into unique aesthetics and taste.

Although the Beijing owner’s small garden is only 20 square meters, he built an amazing small world with a budget of 200,000 yuan. The use of various building materials such as iron pieces, stone, artificial stone, system cabinets, woodwork, paint, glass, and imitation clear water mold paint makes this small garden full of unique artistic atmosphere.

In the design of the small garden, the owner skillfully integrated natural elements and modern architectural features, making the whole space full of vigor and vitality. The embellishment of green plants and flowers makes people feel like they are in a charming forest, while the use of stone and iron parts adds a sense of toughness and stability to the entire space.

Overall, the Beijing-based owner’s small garden is a fascinating work of art. Although it is only 20 square meters, a small world full of vigor and vitality was created with a budget of 200,000 yuan, which makes people feel the perfect fusion of nature and modern architecture.

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