Tasting tea, the romance of Chinese people

The word “romantic” may be the flower that comes to mind the most.

Flowers have their own language and the meaning they want to express.

For example: You can send roses to your girlfriend, which represents love and is a “synonym” of romance in everyone’s eyes; you can send carnations to your mother, which represents tender love and true affection, and it is the most suitable gift for your mother on Mother’s Day , there are many words, so I won’t explain them one by one.

Today’s theme is tea tasting. The editor of Lanqianshan Men’s Tea wants to say that what is romantic is not necessarily only flowers, but the person who sends them; and tea tasting is a timeless romance for Chinese people.

Tasting tea, your elegance will never go out of style!

Some people say that tasting tea is like tasting life, while coffee is like life. Because of this, he likes the most original coffee taste, and has always liked coffee without any sweetener.

Tea is like life, because people have emotions and desires, just like tea has different tastes. Everyone’s lifestyle is different, and their state of mind will also change. Tasting tea is all about meditation.

Lanqianshan Men’s Tea, the editor who specializes in Chinese men, thinks that life is like a cup of tea.

After going through the hot boiling water and the hectic ups and downs, taking a sip of this tea is really bitter and astringent, just like the hardships of starting a business; dedicating the beauty of youth and the essence of life, taking a sip of this tea is really fragrant and mellow.

Taste tea and meditate, meditate and introspect, self-examination leads to enlightenment, and enlightenment leads to rediscovery.

The editor of Lanqianshan Men’s Tea believes that life is drinking a cup of tea.

When young people drink tea for the first time, they are green and immature, and they cannot taste the taste; when middle-aged people drink tea for the second time, it is rich and mellow, with too many stories;

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