Taste of China丨Concerto on Fingertips: Using wood as paper and silver thread into painting

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Weifang silver inlaid lacquer technique is based on precious wood, natural lacquer and gold and silver silk as the main raw materials. It is a unique production technique of finely carving and inlaying silver threads on wooden utensils. It has a history of more than 200 years since its inception.

There is a whole set of complete and complicated technological process in silver inlaid lacquer technique, such as carving wood, drawing patterns, inlaying silk, polishing, and lacquering…the birth of a handicraft often goes through dozens of processes. In all processes, inlaying and painting are the most important.

Inlaid wire is to inlay silver wire into the wood. The silver wire is very thin. First, the edge of the wood should be chiseled, and then the silver wire should be slowly hammered into the wood with a hammer. According to different wood materials and pattern lines, the difficulty is different. For craftsmen, they are able to do a job with ease and respond to each other, relying on the experience accumulated bit by bit over the past few decades.

If silver inlay is the core of silver inlay lacquer technique, then lacquer is a process to highlight and protect the core. Through lacquer, not only can the silver silk pattern inlaid in wood show its original color, but also So that the silver thread does not fall off, and the bottom wood does not fade.

Weifang silver-embedded lacquer technique integrates traditional carving, silver-embedded, and lacquer-painted techniques into one. The unique national characteristics make silver-inlaid lacquer handicrafts not only have artistic appreciation value, but also have use value.

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